Why Australian Couples Are Obsessed with a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

Reminiscent of elopements, destination weddings are increasingly common among Australian couples who want something different for their wedding day. The idea of going somewhere gorgeous to exchange vows is simply irresistible, and it also comes with excellent benefits. Here are some very good reasons to organise a destination wedding:


  • Accessibility

Destination wedding venues aren’t hard to find and can be sometimes only a short flight away. If you opt for a closer venue but need to travel by car you will be spending about the same amount of time on the road.

destination wedding

Villa Botanica on the Whitsunday Islands is just 2 hours away by plane from Brisbane plus transport from airport to resort – a relatively short trip that won’t make you too tired for the big day. At the same time, this is a decent travel time for your guests too, who will not decline your invitation because the venue is too far. Some of your guests may have to travel anyway to get to your wedding because they live somewhere else, so why not ask them to travel to a place worth seeing?

  • Wedding and holiday in one

By choosing a destination wedding you don’t have to organise your honeymoon separately as it will start immediately after the ceremony ends. Many couples skip the honeymoon because they are too busy or can’t afford it immediately after the wedding and never find an opportunity to eventually spend it. A destination wedding will somewhat force you to have your honeymoon immediately after tying the knot, which is not only romantic but also practical and well-deserved; you should always take the luxury of a holiday at least once a year, especially when you get married. Having a wedding and a holiday at the same time can also be exciting for your guests because they will be enjoying a special trip. After the wedding and after all your friends and family leave, you can have some private and intimate time with your partner.

  • Longer celebration

Normal weddings are usually just a one-day celebration and then it is over, leaving you the impression you haven’t managed to pay enough attention to all of your guests and enjoy their presence. A destination wedding allows you to be with your friends and family for at least a few days, which will make the event a lot happier because people feel good when they spend quality time with their loved ones. Down time, connecting, and celebrating – what else can you expect more from a holiday or a wedding?

  • Save on décor

Setting up a destination wedding is usually naturally stunning; you don’t have to spend lots of money on expensive backdrops. Natural décor such as pristine beaches, beautiful vineyards, and colourful gardens are always a success because nature will never make mistakes in terms of colours and combinations. Less décor means reduced costs, less waste, and one thing in minus on your to-do list.

destination wedding australia

  • Stunning wedding photos

When planning your wedding far away from home in a beautiful place you don’t need to look for a special location for your photo session. At venues like Villa Botanica every little corner can provide excellent background for photos and you don’t need to travel in order to obtain the best shots with you and your new spouse. Your wedding pictures will be way better than the usual ones because you will be using as a backdrop spectacular landscapes like beaches, sunsets, mountains, or a hillside view of a city.

  • Forces you to minimise guest list

If you are having trouble with making the cut, a destination wedding will discourage some of the people on your guest list from attending. Some may consider the practice rude, but in the end if you want a small, intimate wedding, you will want to have close to you just a handful of people. Relatives and friends that would make the effort to follow you to a special place.

If you want to avoid the presence of some less pleasant relatives, you can always use the excuse of the resort not having enough rooms for everyone. This way you will be spending your time with people who mean the most to you. However, if you want to include your second cousin and your co-worker from office in your celebration, you can throw a post-wedding party for those who couldn’t make it to your destination wedding.

  • More fun than local weddings

If you get married on the Whitsunday Islands, there are lots of attractions nearby to visit, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitehaven Beach, the Heart Reef, the Hill Inlet, the Hardy Reef, the Hamilton Island, Passage Peak, sailing and snorkelling spots, with spotting wildlife being a preferred activity throughout. At Villa Botanica you can spend time in our tropical gardens, on the sea deck, in our cactarium, and anywhere on our 5-acre estate, which will be all yours on your wedding day as we host only one event per day.

  • Less hassle with planning

Destination wedding venues usually have a wedding planner that will take the logistics of organising travel off your shoulders and also take care of all the rest.

  • Totally forgetting about the stress at home

When you organise your wedding at home, you tend to be caught up in your regular life and not enjoy your special moment as much as you’d want to. Travelling to a remote location is worth doing because this will allow you to become fully detached from your everyday problems and obligations.

  • You get to be different

If you want to have something different from everyone else in your office and skip the same décor from the same wedding planner, a destination wedding can satisfy your desire of being original. Not all couples are crazy enough to plan their wedding far away. If you want to ditch the tired local traditions, a destination wedding is definitely the best option for you.

  • Saving more money by getting married in the low season

Being flexible about your wedding date means you can get a better deal by having your wedding when accommodation is least expensive. If you choose the Whitsundays, any time of the year is suitable for a wedding because the weather is good all year-round.

  • Having a special place to travel to for your milestone anniversaries

The location of your wedding can become a special place in your relationship where you can return for special holidays. Guests will not forget your wedding date either because it will be their holiday date, too.

  • You can party all night long

Most resorts allow you to use their facilities until sunrise and your guests will not be obliged to leave early because they are driving home or need to wake up the next day to go to work.

But if you really want to know why Australian couples are obsessed with destination weddings, you need to know how one of these actually looks like – check our real weddings section on the Villa Botanica website where you can see photos and read testimonials.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself having your dream wedding at our magnificent tropical mansion!

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