Things to Look for in Unique Wedding Venues

unique wedding venues

What do people look for in unique wedding venues? Is it the location’s popularity or its peaceful environment? Is it the view and the weather that matters or the price tag? Would you like to plan your wedding at a place that’s fit for a family holiday too or a commercial site where you need to book the venues months in advance?

Of course we all want our wedding to be the most memorable extravaganza of our life. However, going by the current trend it is the location’s peacefulness, weather, beauty, and inviting aura that is attracting couples lately. In this regard, we have singled out a gorgeously beautiful, serene, and calm location for you and that is the Whitsundays.

For couples looking for unique wedding venues, Whitsunday Islands is an ideal location. There are so many advantages of choosing to marry somewhere in this magnificent region. It is like a carefully hidden treasure trove that people are longing to get married in this naturally picturesque paradise. What you get in Whitsundays is much more than your expectations; you get beautiful views, warm weather, and an amazingly inviting location to enjoy holiday with your family and friends along with getting married. It is simply the perfect getaway location if you want your wedding to be unique.

And, the best part is that this region fulfills all the necessary things that you should, ideally, look for in unique wedding venues. Let’s check out the most crucial things to look for in a unique wedding venue.

Size of the Venue:

Usually, before heading out to check out the wedding venue, people have already prepared their guest list and know the number of people attending the wedding. However, if you haven’t prepared the list yet, it is better that you do that because one of the key things that you need to look for in unique wedding venues is its size. If you know how many guests will be invited to the wedding, you will only search for venues large enough to accommodate your guests. This will help you shortlist the venues and you won’t need to check out every single one out there. You can save all those heartaches and headaches with the simple strategy of counting the number of guests prior to shortlisting the wedding venues you intend to visit. If a venue is too small then you will find yourself in a difficult position. Similarly, if the venue is too big for the number of guests, it will be useless to pay for such a big venue. Also, keep some seats for those whom you aren’t expecting to attend your wedding because they might just change their mind and show up. So, ideally, if you believe that your wedding will be attended by 200 people, look for a venue that can accommodate at least 225-250 guests.

Keep your Budget in Mind:

You just don’t have to care about the rent of the wedding venue but there are plenty of other expenditures that you will be charged for once you have finalised your wedding venue. Unique wedding venues charge more than those common ones but there is a sound reason behind it; basically you are paying for the uniqueness that the venue has to offer and which will make your big day memorable for a lifetime. If the venue is offering in-house catering then you can expected to be charged per-head or per-plate. Additionally, there will be added expenses of floral designs and other decorations. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind about the feasible budget of your wedding venue, you will be saving a lot of your time and effort later on. You will be able to get an approximate total of how much you can spend on designs/décor, in-house catering and rent. A better idea is to break down the overall budget into different categories; do outline those categories that are high priority such as catering and then list those that are low priority such as lights and linen. Allocating a budget for the venue, price-per-plate and decoration will help you in planning a budget-friendly wedding.

How’s the Experience?

What sort of experience are you looking for from unique wedding venues? Do you want the environment to be private and secluded or an open one? If you could decide about this aspect prior to starting your search for the wedding venue, you’ll be able to prevent unnecessary time wastage. Destination weddings are currently quite popular among couples because they get to spend quality time with their family and friends especially if they have more out-of-town guests. If you are also planning for destination wedding then look for a wedding venue that’s closer to the hotel or is connected to a hotel. Also check out how comfortable is the venue so that your guests could enjoy their time and you could have a memorable wedding.

Catering and other services:

Catering and décor are two most important aspects of any function but when it is a wedding you’ve got to ensure that everything is just perfect. You must check out if the venue you have chosen offers in-house catering or not and if it does then what sort of menu options are they offering. Such as are there gluten-free items on the menu or there is separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu or not. Similarly, you should check the kind of décor themes they can do. You can always avail the option of hiring your own decorator and caterer if your budget allows. Do remember that not all wedding venues offer full-service but it is a better idea to book a venue where you don’t need to hire vendors for tables, chairs, linen and food as this might increase the expenditures. If you have to select outside vendor then collect information about the rent of basic items such as standard flatware, linens, and banquet chairs. Prices also may differ as per the menu you choose so be careful and decide wisely. Never calculate the upfront costs only but also add the tax and gratuity in your total expenses.


There are so many different styles of wedding nowadays that you simply cannot afford to remain naive. You need to research about the different styles of wedding and in case you choose to wed in a particular style, start looking for unique wedding venues that could facilitate your demand. It is also important to consider your own preferences and style so that your wedding could be an authentic representation of your personality. There is such a wide range of themes and designing ideas available nowadays that it would become difficult for you to choose one theme and décor for the wedding unless you are aware of what you actually want.

The Whitsundays offers a unique wedding venue that not only fits the criteria of a perfect venue but also because of the overall appeal and picturesque environment. Villa Botanica overlooks the Coral Sea, with acres of lush private gardens and even a secluded beach. It is a private wedding venue in the Whitsundays like nothing you’ve ever experienced. With five-star food and drinks, meticulous professional wedding planning, luxurious wedding-night accommodation and one of the most beautiful places in the world – a Villa Botanica wedding is simply unforgettable. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Villa Botanica Whitsundays.

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