The Biggest and Brightest 2022 Wedding Trends

2022 wedding trends

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions is slowly but surely changing the landscape of 2022 wedding trends. Couples who got engaged in 2021 or decided to wait until the pandemic slows down are really lucky. This year’s weddings will probably look a lot like their pre-Covid counterparts.

However, the time did not stand still and what was the latest fashion in 2019 is now forgotten. Plus, couples and families are trying to enjoy nuptial events as much as possible, after two years of social restrictions and psychological trauma caused by isolation.

Top 10 Biggest and Brightest 2022 Wedding Trends

Throughout our list of ten 2022 wedding trends, you will notice that some were influenced by practices we’ve seen at small weddings in 2021 and 2020. We’d like to think that we can take the good part from these two difficult years and use it to make the most from upcoming events. Keep on reading to find out what your 2022 wedding could look like and what to include in your wedding planning checklist:

1. Outdoor celebrations

Many weddings took place outdoors in the last couple of years due to health safety reasons. This could be considered a positive side of Covid restrictions, as outdoor events come with multiple other advantages: less need for décor, simpler planning, being able to incorporate all kinds of outdoor activities, and spending less money on venues.

Moreover, an outdoor wedding is more likely to ensure lots of fun and relaxation, as spending time in the open reduces stress-related hormones, thus improving mood.

2. Quality over quantity

Lately, intimate weddings have been the thing, whether the reasons were restrictions or the couple’s preferences.

2022 will mostly try to recreate that feeling of intimacy that comes with little weddings, even if the number of guests will be larger.

Smaller, intimate weddings are probably here to stay because we’ve come to appreciate the closeness of smaller gatherings. On the same page, the dining style of choice in 2022 is usually less formal and family-style, but elevated.

3. Original bridal outfit ideas

The unusual times we’ve been living has given brides the courage to try new things, such as ditching the traditional wedding dress. As a result, in 2022 we will most probably see bridal attire trends such as:

  • Bridal separates

This design is very comfortable and can look absolutely gorgeous in combinations such as tulle skirt with sequinned top. The most daring brides wanting to highlight their waist line can opt for a slightly cropped top – perfect for a relaxed beach wedding.

  • The bridal jacket

With autumn and winter weddings becoming more popular, the bridal outfit had to be updated for colder temperatures. If years ago, bridal jacket options were limited and felt more like a compromise, now you can choose between a wide range of jackets, including denim and blazers.

  • Bridal suit

Often seen at LGBTQ weddings, the bridal suit is also becoming a thing with mainstream events. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for a bride to take the isle in a white pantsuit or in a chic jumpsuit.

4. Digital solutions

The adoption of various digital tools has accelerated in the last period, mostly out of necessity. Even if we can now meet each other face to face, trends such as digital wedding invitations are not falling out of fashion yet. Here’s what we’ve seen lately in weddings and we will see in the future as well:

  • Digital wedding invitations

Traditional mailing methods have their unique charm, but will never come with the following advantages of digital wedding invitations: more styling options, reduced costs, being eco-friendly, being easy to send event updates, and getting RSVPs a lot faster.

  • Digital wedding registries

No more gift doubles with digital wedding registries! Couples can easily include any product that is online in these registries, choose when the gift ships, enable guests to group gift for more expensive items, and even get bonus presents.

  • Social streaming

Although travel restrictions have eased, some of your guests will still not be able to make it to your celebration. Due to social streaming tools, they will still be able to attend your wedding, virtually, and share the joy of the big day with you.

5. Reinventing traditions

One thing we will not see in 2022 is couples investing money and effort into traditions just because “it’s done”. The idea of tradition is still appreciated, because it makes us feel safe and on a familiar ground, but there will be more creativity as to how traditions are implemented:

  • The mother walking the bride down the aisle;
  • Gender mixed wedding party (“bridesmen” instead of bridesmaids);
  • No readings or non-traditional readings during the ceremony;
  • Funny vows instead of formal, traditional ones;
  • Alternatives to bouquet toss and first dance;
  • Getting ready together in the morning instead of the couple spending the first part of the day separately.

6. Simple favours

In the last years, couples have embraced the idea of eco-friendly weddings. People pay more attention to the amount of waste they generate, even on important occasions, not just in everyday life.

One of those sources of waste used to be wedding favours. Originally, wedding favours were small treats consisting of almonds coated in sugar icing.

But, why not do something if it’s possible? This is how wedding planners and vendors ended up designing all kinds of extravagant favours that can cost a lot of money.

The truth is that many favours are never used or not even taken off the table at the end of the night. This is why conscious couples have opted for edible favours or biodegradable ones (inclusively the package), so their wedding favours don’t end up in the landfill, polluting the environment.

The wedding cookie favour trend will not fade away too soon because it reduces waste and, to be honest, who doesn’t like a sweet treat at the end of the reception?

7. Welcoming pets at weddings

Fur babies are playing an increasingly important role in major celebrations. They are often regarded as family members, so why put them aside on the big day?

If in the past wedding guests had to find a pet sitter or accommodate their furry friend at an animal boarding house, currently there are pet-friendly venues out there and wedding planners are learning how to create events that can successfully incorporate pets.

Pet parents who intend to bring their four-legged companions at the wedding should be prepared and consider the following aspects:

  • The situations the pet enjoys and the situations that make them uncomfortable;
  • Preparing a cosy den at the venue where the dog can relax, undisturbed, with water available at all times;
  • Getting people the dog knows and trust to help with the special guest. If you don’t have anyone, consider a professional and trusted dog walker;
  • Including dog training in the wedding planning (food manners, self-control);
  • Instructing guests not to feed the pet unsuitable food.

8. Sustainable wedding

In the general excitement, it can be easy to overlook the impact that a wedding has on the environment. But, as long as weddings are events that make us think about the future, sustainability is definitely something to take into account on the big day. Some ideas for creating a sustainable, ethical wedding that produces the minimum amount of waste include:

  • Eco-conscious wedding attire (using eco-friendly materials or renting your attire);
  • Choosing ethical, conflict-free rings;
  • Ethical wedding registry (fair-trade products, small and local gifts);
  • Local flowers instead of exotic ones;
  • Décor made from natural materials;
  • Eco-friendly wedding venues, usually outdoor venues;
  • Catering using locallysourced and organically produced ingredients, with food waste policies;
  • Other methods to reduce your carbon print, such as selective guest lists, organising group transport, and picking the time of the year where less energy is needed to keep guests comfortable.

9. Weekday weddings

As couples step away from traditional, conservative weddings, they are being increasingly flexible around the day of the week when the event is scheduled.

Most weddings take place on Saturdays, but this means that you may have to wait a long time until you find an open date at your favourite venue. By getting married on a week day, you can book your venue of choice sooner and also enjoy other benefits, such as saving money, enjoying a more intimate affair, and having your favourite vendors available.

10. Honeymooning locally

With travel restrictions still applying to some tourist destinations, planning your honeymoon locally, in Australia, seems like the safest solution. A local honeymoon ensures lack of trouble and peace of mind. We are also lucky to have a vast country offering all kinds of travel experiences, at any time of the year.

So, regardless of how 2022 wedding trends will evolve, your first item on the 2022 wedding checklist should be choosing a suitable wedding venue. Consider a Whitsunday wedding venue like Villa Botanica to simplify your planning. Contact us online today and one of our knowledgeable client services staff will be in contact with you within 24 hours – even on weekends.

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