Tenielle + Lachlan

garden wedding queensland

We met over 12 years ago, Tennielle being only 14 years old, Lachie being only 15 years old. We were from different high schools so we met through a mutual friend. This year it will be 13 years together, from little teenagers to adults it’s really like a fairytale story. Being so young meeting each other and to stay in a relationship for such a long time for the ages that we were, it meant we both saw a lot of potential in each other. 

Tennielle noticed Villa Botanica on TV years ago and liked the vibe that was being advertised. All the cool different spots around the venue and the options they had on offer were appealing. We were pretty interested that we even contacted the venue prior to being engaged haha! The beautiful location, scenery and the QLD weather, what more would you need to make that decision?!! Oh wait that’s right, the fact that there was a private beach as we always wanted beach photos at our wedding and we loved how they had the online planner for destination weddings!! 

garden wedding queensland

What was the theme of your wedding?

You could probably say that our theme was featuring pastels and greys. Beachy yet formal at the same time, we sort of just picked things we liked as we went! We also had bling and crystal vibes featuring whilst blending in with the venue as was.

What was the most unforgettable part of your wedding experience?

Ooh that’s a hard one as we put so much work and effort into planning every area of the day that it was exciting to see it all happen on the day!! 

But if we had to pick only one part it would have to be the moment we first got to look at each other while Tennielle walked down the aisle to Lachie, that was such a surreal exciting part of the day as we hadn’t seen each other yet and we were finally getting married right there and then! 

What was your favourite location within Villa Botanica’s private estate? 

Lachie loved the view at the ceremony location but Tennielle would have to say the private beach was her favourite spot. We loved so many of the cool locations and would of loved to have spent more time in every area that Villa Botanica has to offer. 

Photographer: Brooke Miles Photography

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