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Why we Love a Summer Outdoor Wedding! (And So Should You!)

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Summer weddings are the favourite of many Australian couples and the same goes for brides and grooms all over the world. A summer outdoor wedding is seen as the perfect choice for the big day, with only about 5% of Australian weddings taking place in the colder months of June and July. You too, if asked, would probably prefer a summer outdoor wedding, without even properly thinking about it, but why is that?

  • Daylight Saving

The days are longer during summer and you have additional hours to enjoy the sunshine- translating into more hours of fun at your outdoor wedding. The warmth of the day will carry into the night and enable you and your guests to keep the party going. Those long, warm summer nights definitely add to the romance factor.

  • Summer Fashion

Layering up clothes, thinking of faux fur bridal accessories, shawls or cover-ups isn’t necessary with summer weddings. Think backless dresses, sheer and elegant materials, jewels that shimmer beautifully in the sun – a summer.

  • Being Able to use Seasonal Flowers

There are more seasonal and affordable flowers available in the summer and you will have a greater choice means that it is very likely that you will ultimately get what you want.

  • Better Honeymoon Options

If you hold your ceremony and reception at a destination wedding venue during summer, you can start your honeymoon the moment your wedding day is over. There is no need to travel or postpone the honeymoon to a later date as summer months give you more options, especially if you are honeymooning locally. Lose the travel dramas and experience a tropical Airlie Beach honeymoon.

  • Better Wedding Photos

The added light during the summer months can be a critical factor in the final aspect of your wedding photos. Natural light and warm temperatures give a special glow to your pictures and make them truly memorable.

  • Being More Creative with your Reception

Warm weather allows for more fun and more room for activities. Summer wedding tips can be used to add all kind of exciting elements to your wedding, from frozen summer treats to lawn games.

Tips for Planning a Summer Outdoor Wedding

Choose Coastal Location to Avoid Excessive Heat

couple with an intimate and romantic reception with breathtaking ocean views - summer outdoor wedding

Summer Rain Photography

Everyone including your wedding planner Queensland will tell you that summer sun can be quite harsh in Australia and we would recommend that you get married somewhere on the coast or have an Airlie beach wedding. Whitsunday wedding venues are magical owing to the perfect weather you will be enjoying in the archipelago. The Whitsundays benefit from beautiful warm weather all year round, with temperatures averaging around 29-30°C in the summer, while water stays at a moderate and comfortable 25°C. The islands are a suitable wedding destination during winter too, as average temperatures stay at 22-23°C at this time of the year. 

Look for a Unique Wedding Venue

bride wearing a wedding dress in a unique wedding venue of Villa Botanica - Summer Outdoor Wedding

Summer Rain Photography

Your choice of venue will have a major impact on your outdoor wedding and its planning. Aside from the location and the decor provided by your destination wedding venue, there are other factors that make all the difference between venues, such as having an in-house wedding planner Queensland or not, providing quality local vendors, top catering, whether they offer accommodation services or not, etc.

Make Sure Everyone Can Hear

Villa Botanica - Australia’s most exquisite summer outdoor wedding venue

Wilde Visual Photography

One of the minor issues of a summer outdoor wedding is sound. Wind, background noise, and the fact that these days social distancing needs to be kept because of the Covid-19 outbreak, they can all make it difficult for your guests to hear at an outdoor wedding, so make sure you have a reliable and good quality audio system for saying your “I do’s” out loud and entertaining guests with music.

Ensure a Bridal Canopy

elegant and gorgeous florals perfect for summer outdoor wedding ceremony at the hand caved wedding pavilion - Villa Botanica

Brooke Miles Photography

Most Whitsunday wedding venues already provide a bridal canopy, which serves as a marvellous frame to the ceremony and can be adjusted to match the design of your wedding. At Villa Botanica in the Whitsundays for instance you can have your ceremony in an exquisite hand carved timber wedding pavilion; the access to which is through a beautiful palm lined, mosaic tiled walkway.

Preparing a plan B

impressive marble ballroom is available to all guests - Villa Botanica Summer Indoor Wedding

Timeless Images by Vanessa

Just in case your dream Airlie beach wedding is threatened by bad weather, but having an alternate plan that you love just as much is always a good idea. At Villa Botanica the impressive marble ballroom is available to all guests, whether you need to move your event indoors or you want the perfect setting for your first dance as a married couple.

Use Creative Lighting Options

romantic reception and fairy lights of Villa Botanica Sea Deck - Summer Outdoor Wedding Venue

Timeless Images by Vanessa

One of the best summer wedding tips is using creative lighting techniques outdoors to create a magical, fairy-tale feel. Tea lights, fairy lights and lanterns make romantic and beautiful lighting ideas. For some more summer outdoor wedding inspiration, visit the Villa Botanica Instagram for beautifully lit outdoor receptions with stunning views overlooking the sea and enchanting lighting at night.

Take Advantage of the Built-in Decor

ocean and sundown hues giving the summer outdoor wedding feels - Villa Botanica

Brooke Miles Photography

One of the great things about summer wedding planning is having less hassle with the decor. Less tends to be more. The warm weather allows Australian couples to take advantage of gorgeous natural backdrops, such as the ocean views and lush tropical gardens.

Consider a Laid-back Summer Outdoor Wedding

wedding party having a fabulous time during their photo shoot amongst Villa Botanica towering trees and lush tropical gardens - Summer Outdoor Wedding

Keegan Cronin Photography

Your guests will really appreciate a relaxed, naturally flowing wedding, like that of a destination wedding venue. Summer wedding tips include styling ideas such as throw pillows, countless floral arrangements lawn games, wood swings, etc.

Pros and Cons of Summer Months 

There is no perfect time of the year to get married, as weather is not the only factor to consider. Public holidays can also have an impact on your summer wedding planning, and summer months remain represent the best period to get married for Aussie couples, in spite of a few minor issues.


  • Weather is at its best during summer months especially if you get married at one of the Whitsunday wedding venues where he weather is cooler compared to the inland.
  • School holidays falling during summer makes it possible to invite children at your wedding and more guests will attend because they will be able to take their children with them.
  • Since spring has the most weddings among all seasons, having a summer outdoor wedding can make your planning easier and give you easier access to your favourite vendors and Whitsunday wedding venues.


  • Summer months are advertised as the best months for travelling to Australia, so if you choose a destination wedding venue at this time of the year you may be dealing with crowded beaches with lots of international and local tourists rambling around.

Why Villa Botanica the Perfect Summer Outdoor Wedding Venue Regardless of the Month

As an exclusive and charming venue on the Whitsundays coastline, Villa Botanica experiences stunning weather year-round, along with the cooling sea breeze. No matter when your summer outdoor wedding date is, you will benefit from:

  • Amazing landscaped tropical gardens complemented by antique, Balinese-inspired architecture;
  • Gorgeous backdrops provided by majestic mountains and turquoise sea;
  • Access to the legendary Cactarium at Villa Botanica;
  • In-house professional wedding planning;
  • Luxurious wedding-night accommodation;
  • Taking your first steps as a married couple on a secluded stretch of beach;
  • Exclusively having the venue for the whole day to ensure privacy and intimacy among your closest family and friends;
  • 5-star catering provided by Aquava Boutique Catering;
  • Being able to experience the magic of Villa Botanica online, by navigating the 3D explore space available on the venue’s website.

Starting to plan your dream summer outdoor wedding? Contact us now and find out what Villa Botanica has to offer. We already feature many of the summer wedding tips you loved – all you need to do is tell us what your dream wedding entails and we will take care of the rest!

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Destination Weddings Australia: Picking the Right Venue for Your Whitsunday Wedding

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So you’ve decided to book your dream destination wedding in beautiful Australia, you’ve even narrowed the region down to the fabulous Whitsundays, but you don’t know which Whitsunday weddings venue to choose. Picking the right venue can make or break your big day so it is essential that you weigh up your needs and wants in order to pick the perfect venue to suit you and your guests.

There are varying reasons why a particular venue might stand out for you but you need to be sure you’ve covered all you bases; this guide will help you on your journey to securing your dream destination wedding venue.

Location is Everything: Why Choose Destination Weddings in Australia?

Australian destination weddings offer a diverse range of options to suit any couple – from a coastal paradise to a hinterland escape. 

There is something truly magical about Australia, from its people and culture to its unique wildlife and unforgettable views. There are many other reasons why couples opt for destination weddings:

Unforgettable Wedding Experience

Having a dream destination wedding allows you to provide not only yourself, but all your friends and family with an event that they won’t forget in a hurry.  A Whitsundays wedding offers you and your guests stunning views, the freshest food, warm hospitality and beautiful weather that can be enjoyed all year round.

Everyone is in holiday mode:

Instead of taking one day off for your wedding your guests can turn the celebration into a full on holiday. Destination weddings Australia usually require some amount of travel, encouraging people to take time off work and simply enjoy the holiday. Happy guests make for a wedding day that is more than memorable.

Hang out with Guests:

Now that everyone is relaxed and enjoying their break from day to day life you can actually spend some time with your wedding guests. A wedding day for most is just one day, making it near impossible for couples to spend the quality time they want to with their guests. Wedding celebrations that last a few days mean that you’re not cramming all those social encounters into one day.

Marriage and Honeymoon Together:

A key advantage of choosing the perfect destination wedding location is that you don’t have to organize travel to a honeymoon destination – you are already there! The Whitsunday’s is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia, offering a host of different activities and experiences, partnered with many romantic accommodation options.  

What to consider when picking the venue for Your Whitsunday Destination Wedding Australia?

The budget:

The budget is the first thing to consider when picking your venue. Consider all venues of your choice and select the ones that fall under your budget. Destination wedding planners offer various packages to suit an array of budgets. Packages are inclusive of all your needs and allow for a stress free wedding experience.

Venue Location:

Location, location, location: A venue should be an embodiment of the local area – beautiful views, extensive lush gardens, great local accommodation options. You need to consider every aspect so that your day can run as smoothly as possible. Considering a location means thinking about not only what you want but also what will work for your whole wedding party. Is the venue easily accessible for your guests, do you need to arrange transport? 

Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions can really put a dampener on your big day, excuse the pun. It is important to consider the seasonal weather for your destination wedding. Your chosen venue should offer you wet-weather options. Luckily the Whitsundays offer an average temperature of 27.4 °C meaning that a winter wedding is definitely an option and your guests can leave their sweaters at home.

Personality matters:

A venue should reflect both you and your partner, who you are as people. Do you love sun, sand and sea? Then choosing a coastal venue will add to the wedding, as it is symbolic of your personalities. Destination weddings show off the location but they also provide a blank canvas open to customization and creativity.  

Marriage Logistics:

Think about the whole marriage events logistically and compare them with real things available in different venues. Select the one meeting with all of your demands.

Destination Wedding Planner:

Nowadays the beautiful thing about destination weddings is that each venue will provide you with an expert planner who can ensure your every need is met. Having a competent and meticulous wedding planner will lower your stress levels and turn your dreams into reality. Wedding planners will source local vendors, offer tried and tested advice, coordinate every aspect from start to finish and handle an emergencies if they arise.

What makes the Whitsundays a dream destination wedding spot:

The Whitsunday Islands Wedding Venue entice couples year-round, owing to their prevailing beauty and the generally romantic setting. The most attractive and captivating places of Whitsunday include the following:

  • Heart Reef 
  • Daydream Island
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Airlie Beach
  • Hamilton Island
  • Hayman Island
  • The Great Barrier Reef itself
  • Long Island

The Whitsunday Islands are located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy this natural wonder with your nearest and dearest through a range of activities such as –diving, snorkeling, and sailing the stretch filled with corals. For those who don’t want to get wet – take a seaplane or scenic helicopter flight to experience the stunning reef from above. Views that can’t be missed include the mesmerizing Heart-shaped heart reef and the white sands of Whitehaven Beach. Back on the mainland, Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands this beautiful locale offers boating experiences, wildlife encounters and a vast array of dining options. Airlie Beach boasts many accommodation and venue options for every type of wedding, such as Villa Botanica that looks out over the Coral Sea.

What can Villa Botanica offer you?

A Stunning Location:

From tropical gardens to marble dance floors, Villa Botanica’s broad selection of beautiful on-site locations means that you will have an unforgettable experience and stunning photos to last a lifetime. Villa Botanica was cited by Vogue Bridal as one of the top wedding venues to follow on Instagram. The grand 5-acre estate is exclusively yours for the entire day; the estate’s ceremony pavilion is a breath-taking, hand-carved teak feature under which to say ‘I Do’, the Sea Deck provides a wonderful reception area with views of the Coral Sea and the unforgettable Cactarium makes a brilliant backdrop for wedding photos unlike any others. 

Comprehensive Wedding Planning:

The highly experienced and motivated team at Villa Botanica is dedicated to ensuring your day goes as smoothly as possible. Their quality destination wedding planners will be with you from day one, as they guide you through your wedding planning journey. They can hook you up with the best vendors, offer expert advice and on the big day they’ll be there to make sure it all goes to plan.

The specialty of Villa Botanica venues:

Countless couples have opted for Villa Botanica as their destination wedding venue of choice as it is truly an unforgettable location set among the Whitsunday coast. The comprehensive service, captivating views, enchanting tropical gardens and Balinese styling makes it a one or a kind destination wedding venue.

Villa Botanica has been recognized by the prestigious Australian Bridal Industry Awards, has previously been voted Best Ceremony Venue and Best Reception Centre in Queensland. If you are curious to know more about this remarkable boutique destination wedding venue, enquire online on the Villa Botanica website and a consultant will be in touch. Our team would love to assist you in planning and creating your perfect Whitsunday destination wedding.

groom carrying his bride on his arms at the Villa Botanica Whitsunday Wedding Venue beach with a banner text "Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Beach Wedding Queensland"

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Beach Wedding In Queensland

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The unexpected world events of the last few months have forced Australians to postpone organised events to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Many couples have seen their wedding plans unfortunately altered by the crisis, thankfully things are quietening down and the wedding industry is livening up again. Destination weddings in Australia, especially beach wedding Queensland, are among the most popular options as they allow couples to organise the most important day in their lives respecting Covid-19 restrictions and without compromising on wedding planning at all. 


Aside from being able to have your reception outdoors and comply with regulations, there are several other reasons to opt for a beach wedding Queensland:


a couple had a Beach Wedding Queensland and watches the ocean

The background of your wedding is very important as we all know the feeling of seeing the same thing over and over again. We all have been to a bunch of weddings at the same venues and at some point guests get bored because they have a similar experience every time. Getting married with a sandy beach in the background while your guests enjoy the pleasant ocean breeze and the sound of the waves can change your wedding experience completely. Guests will definitely remember your celebration and they won’t be able to say your wedding was just like the rest.

Getting married in an ocean setting comes with a couple other advantages. On the one hand, you will be saving money on decor as nature itself is beautiful enough to provide the perfect backdrop, and on the other your wedding photographer will be able to take stand-out photos with the perfect canvas. So why spend countless hours and dollars on preparing wedding decorations and looking for the right setting for a photo session when you could have both outstanding decor and unique photos at the same location?


a couple had Beach Wedding Queensland and kissing in front of golden sunset

Travel restrictions have prevented Australian couples from having destination weddings and honeymoons overseas, but the situation is not affecting Queensland couples too much, having the perfect wedding destinations on their doorstep already. Even if you cannot travel outside the state, you can still enjoy one of the best wedding options ever – a beach wedding Queensland style. Once you’ve has your beach wedding why not just stay and honeymoon in Queensland? Great temperatures and beautiful views all year round make the Queensland beaches perfect honeymoon spots. You avoid costly flights, driving to the airport, getting through security, going through a long plane ride, and travelling again from airport to your accommodation. With a destination wedding you can simply get back to your honeymoon suite after the wedding and start your dream honeymoon together. 

If a Beach Wedding sounds like the right choice for you, one of the destinations for the perfect beach wedding in Queensland and honeymoon is Airlie Beach, located on the Great Barrier Reef and home to the world-famous Whitsunday Islands. Airlie Beach is located in a subtropical climate, which means it has fine weather year-round. Summer is the wet season, with temperatures up to 32°C but with less rainfall compared to the nearby Whitsunday Islands. Many couples get married there in winter, when the average daily temperature is a comfortable 23°C and the stinger season is over.

You can also get to nearby Whitehaven Beach from Airlie Beach via boat, helicopter, or plane. Once you get there, it’s easy to see why it ranks highly among the world’s best beaches – it is made of pure silica sand which stays cool even in the hottest days and the water has an incredible azure colour.

Airlie Beach Wedding has a lot to offer to visitors, both families and those enjoying an adrenaline rush. For the first category, popular options include the Conway National Park, walking trails, Mount Rooper Track, the Coastal Fringe Circuit, and the Conway Circuit. Adventurers can choose between various thrills, such as scenic flights, helicopter rides over the Great Barrier Reef, an aerobatic mission in a Soviet warbird, jet boat rides with Island Jet Boating, and Skydive Airlie Beach, a service taking you to Australia’s most beautiful drop zone. As a worldwide renowned attraction, the Great Barrier Reef can be visited through several tour companies offering the most diverse experiences and activities such as staying overnight on a boat, doing certified dives, snorkelling at various locations, etc.


couple swimming at the beach

Wedding planning can be notoriously stressful. Couples are tempted to cut corners which can then end up leading to more stress. Family members argue. Decisions are tough to make. You need to order the cake and meet with the photographer, along with a heap of other tasks. It is an endless struggle. 

 Many couples have that moment where they wish they could just elope and forget about the planning. A beach wedding Queensland will allow you to do just that. Destination wedding venues such as Villa Botanica, Whitsundays, usually provide an in-house wedding planner because it is simply not practical to organise the event if you do not live there. The venue’s wedding planner makes it their job to cater to you and your special day. At Villa Botanica they’ll give you the right wedding planner to take care of all the details. You need someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Someone who cares about your wedding as much as you and your future spouse do and Villa Botanica can offer that and even more! They assign you a dedicated wedding planner from day one and he or she will take you through what to expect and present you the whole planning process. Plus they know all the ins and outs of the venue, can recommend the right local vendors, and can suggest lots of unique ideas after listening to your plans and preferences. The 5-acre estate is just your to enjoy for the day, as Villa Botanica only organise one wedding a day so your day stays yours. In the end, it’s impossible to stay stressed for too long on a pristine Australian beach with an expert wedding planner taking care of everything!

It is difficult to imagine having your wedding anywhere else after reading about the many advantages of a beach wedding Queensland. Finding the perfect venue is essential to the perfect day. Villa Botanica can provide you with access to all the previously mentioned amazing activities and benefits.

 The home of breathtaking backdrops, the perfect wedding atmosphere is created by:

 – Magnificent waterfront gardens 

-The sea deck providing views of the turquoise Coral Sea

– Balinese-inspired antique architecture, the 

– Majestic mountains and the lush palm forest. 

Villa Botanica also has a one-of-a-kind cactarium where you can capture those unforgettable moments after saying “I do”. You can take your first steps as a married couple on a secluded stretch of sand, without being bothered by anyone. All these can be explored without travelling to the Airlie Beach by navigating a 3D explore space available on the Villa Botanica website.  

Your dream beach wedding Queensland begins with your first contact with Villa Botanica – write to us for a free, no-obligation quote for the most important day of your life and our friendly staff will contact you to understand what you need and want before crafting you a personalised quote.