Stephanie & Chris

Beach Wedding Venues Queensland

Why Did You Choose Villa Botanica?

Chris and I met while we were on holidays in Sydney. We choose Villa Botanica as our wedding venue because of the how luxurious and private it is in the Whitsundays. The most unforgettable part of our wedding experience is definitely the stunning venue and the professional services from the entire team at Villa Botanica.

Beach Wedding Venues Queensland
Beach Wedding Venues Queensland

What Was Your Favourite Location Within Villa Botanica’s Private Estate?

Our most favourite location within the Villa Botanica private estate was the balcony. The views of the ocean surrounding Villa Botanica were simply breath-taking. Our chosen wedding theme was Romantic Beach.

Beach Wedding Venues Queensland
Beach Wedding Venues Queensland

Congratulations Stephanie and Chris!

Married on the 8th of November 2020.

Wedding Coordinator: Tanya Watts (Villa Botanica)

Photographer: Nadine Kemp Photography

Videographer: Tanya D’Herville

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