Spring Wedding Inspiration: Pandemic Edition

wedding couple close together having a spring wedding at Villa Botanica

After a 2020 full of unexpected and disrupting events, things are starting to calm but we aren’t in the clear yet. The evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic is unpredictable and many restrictions are likely to remain in place in 2021 and most likely (unfortunately) beyond. Meanwhile, many Australian couples have decided to stick with their spring wedding plans even if this means they have to make some changes in order to get married as they originally planned.

Luckily there are outdoor spring wedding venues that lend themselves well to social distancing requirements. With wedding planning in Qld it has been easier to adapt as the state was relatively unscathed by the pandemic in comparison to other states. There are a wide variety of options and wedding ideas for spring that will make your wedding day unforgettable. You can still have your dream wedding, but before proceeding to plan it, be sure to conduct some thorough research on the latest regulations and restrictions, in order to adapt and avoid nasty surprises later…

Updated Regulations for Weddings and Venues

Wedding planning can still go ahead but consider the following aspects before putting your plan into practice:

  • Guests can enter the venue only with a pre-booking and after providing their contact information;
  • Ensure four square metres of space for each patron;
  • Gatherings must not exceed 100 persons in a defined area;
  • Remove waiting area seating, clearly mark on floor physical distancing requirements;
  • Create floor markings that provide minimum guide distances between customers queuing for service and using physical barriers where possible;
  • Frequently clean and disinfect delivery vehicles;
  • Groups should be separated by a minimum of 1.5 metres; members of the same household are not required to physically distance;
  • Non-disposable crockery/cutlery/glassware permitted when cleared after each course and washed.

For the entire and updated set of Covid-safe weddings check the Weddings Industry COVID Safe Plan for Weddings in For-Hire Venues from the Australian Government.

Why Queensland is a Great Option for Weddings During the Pandemic

Even if times are more difficult than usual, people still want to have fun and couples about to get married want to have the beautiful wedding they have been dreaming of. If you live in Queensland, one of the best options for a spring wedding is getting married at one of the gorgeous Whitsunday wedding venues that are located right within your state. By choosing a destination wedding venue you will have a memorable day and a mini-holiday will compensate for some of the ideas you had to give up because of the pandemic. Naturally beautiful locations like the Whitsundays are perfect for organising an outdoor spring wedding – safer for you and your guests compared to indoor events. Besides, who wants to be stuck inside when there is so much stunning scenery and gorgeous weather along the Queensland coastline?

Furthermore, Queensland coastal locations ensure safe and easy travel within the state – fewer chances of having issues with transportation or having your flight cancelled. The Whitsundays, for instance, are perfect for Queenslanders wanting to change up a rural locale for a sunny, laid-back coastal location.

Already thinking about a theme, such as nautical, traditional, modern, or rustic? Or maybe even a luxury wedding? The Whitsundays are a great fit for all of these themes because the breathtaking scenery alone embellishes any type of event and compliments your thoughtfully selected outdoor wedding decorations beautifully.  

So, if you are already researching wedding ideas for spring and choosing your spring wedding colours, keep on reading to discover some decorative and catering ideas that comply with Covid regulations, while still giving a wow-factor.

Consider a Virtual Wedding

wedding couple having a spring wedding at Villa Botanica while pouring sand into a single container

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If restrictions are very harsh where you live and you can only have a limited number of guests, a virtual wedding, partially or totally, may be the solution to avoid cancelling the event altogether. You can invite some or all of the guests to attend your wedding via a livestream service; the best wedding planning Qld professionals have already tuned their skillset to assist their clients with virtual wedding planning.

Get Creative with Your Wedding

beautiful bride on a beach swing of Villa Botanica Venue Spring Wedding

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One approach to the  Covid-19 situation in the events and weddings industries has to embrace it and laugh at it. Various venues have opted for a more humorous and creative take on the safety signage, encouraging guests to comply with regulations, such as “You’ve washed your hands… right?” or “Stay away from the cousin you hate – 1.5 metres away.” As humans we are known for our incredible adaptability to new situations; for instance one couple who did not want to let Covid-19 cancel their celebration had a drive-in movie themed wedding instead where the ceremony was up on a big screen, followed by a showing of the couple’s favourite film – that’s a wedding nobody will forget!

Have a Really Intimate Wedding

intimate spring wedding with families and friends at Villa Botanica Cactarium

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Whether you organise a small wedding in your backyard or travel with the closest friends and family to a destination wedding venue, an event of small size is easier to organise and more suitable for the period we are going through right now. 

Be Careful with Seating Arrangements

dancing couple in the center of Villa Botanica Spring Wedding Reception


No matter how many guests you have and even if you have your ceremony and reception outdoors, you need to practice social distancing. Help your guests maintain their personal space by making strategic seating arrangements – place chairs into a pleasant but distanced formation. You can still cluster seats when they are reserved for people living in the same household.

Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

bride to be hosting a toast for bachelorette party before having Spring Wedding

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The bachelorette party is about having fun and being close to your best friends. Unfortunately, many of us have friends and family abroad who will not be able to attend the pre-wedding parties and the event itself. Although It is not the same as an in-person night out with your best girlfriends, a virtual party on Zoom can enable you to get together online and have fun, without skipping the wine, the dancing, and the laughing. 

Hire a Wedding Planner

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Having someone to help you navigate through dozens of Whitsunday wedding venues and wedding ideas for spring is a good idea no matter when you get married; now with the Covid-19 crisis having support from someone who knows the wedding industry very well and also has the skills and knowledge to organise a Covid-safe wedding is even more important. You should preferably opt for a destination wedding venue that provides a dedicated in-house wedding planner – such as Villa Botanica.

Keep Calm!

No matter what the future holds, don’t worry too much about those things you can’t control. Simply be prepared to adjust to any situation that may arise. After all, getting married is not just about venues, guest-lists and dresses; focus on what really matters and that is you and your other half starting your life together as husband and wife.

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor wedding venue for a spring wedding, or any other season, look no further. Enquire now with the most exquisite and boutique wedding venue in the Whitsundays –  Villa Botanica. Check our website to see what other couples are saying and to view the 3D venue explorer. Don’t hesitate to enquire online for further information, our wedding planning team are more than happy to help you on the way to your big day.

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