Well our story is pretty amazing, Geoff and I went to high school together and hadn’t seen each other in nearly 35 years and then one week end we caught up in Rockhampton were Geoff was living at the time and we haven’t been apart since, 6 months later Geoff moved to Mackay, 12 months later we bought our first home together and 6 months after that we were married at the most incredible venue Villa Botanica.

As both of us had never been married before we knew that the venue was going to have to be nothing but perfect, so we started the search and with in a very short time we knew that Villa Botanica was the only place that could make such an truly amazing wedding like ours take place. From the very start everything was so professional and made so easy for us to organise, the planners were amazing guiding us through the whole experience from start to finish, as we had only given ourselves 6 months to organise the whole wedding  time was really of the essence and the amazing team at Villa Botanica team made it a dream from start to finish.

We had many guests travel from all over the country to join us so we had nearly a week with  plenty of great days and nights out for dinners and lunches with all of our guests which was a great way to catch up with everyone.

Our wedding day was magical, all of the girls arriving at Villa Botanica in the morning to get ready it was so beautiful and so serene, spending time taking in all of the views and the beautiful aspects of the whole venue and thinking wow this is it and it doesn’t get better than this. The guys arriving and been looked after, there was nothing for anyone to take care of as they did it all.

We had the most amazing people from Villa spending time with us through the day making sure everything was running smoothly and we had absolutely everything we needed there was not one more thing I could think off that would have made the day any better.

When we spoke about the most unforgettable  part of our day Geoff instantly said it was when I turned and saw my beautiful wife walking down the isle and my most memorable part of the day was to see my amazing husband standing at the other end waiting for me, for us this was a truly spectacular moment in time that we will never forget.

Our wedding celebrant Deanna Kent captivated our family and friends with her fun and humorous nature taking all of the pressure off of us, she was an absolute pleasure.

We both loved seeing all of our guests on the sea deck as the sun was going down over the ocean enjoying  cocktails before the reception and for us to have time on the beach having a drink and a quick bite to eat in between the photo shoot that the amazing Brooke Miles took care of was just the moment we needed  to sit and enjoy and take everything in.

The reception was absolutely beautiful, the food was exquisite, the service was amazing and then the fire works were truly spectacular a nice little surprise for all of our guests.

We were in one of the most beautiful amazing parts of the world surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches  so we kept our wedding quiet like that, a little beachy as I was able to purchase my gown from Grace loves Lace which was really fitting for the venue and the guys in their white shirts looked fabulous.

We can not thank or recommend Villa Botanica highly enough, as we are 2 busy people that have waited for this day all of our life they gave us the wedding of our dreams  and allowed us to share our most precious day with family and friends that were all just as amazed with everything as we were. 

Villa Botanica you exceeded all of our dreams and we would do it all again in a heart beat.

Thank You

Shelley & Geoff Norton. X

Photographer: Brooke Miles Photography

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