Important Points To Remember When Choosing a Queensland Wedding Venue

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Choosing your venue is one of the most important wedding planning steps and the way your event will look like depends largely on the type of venue you opt for. If you’re planning a wedding and considering a Queensland wedding venue there are a few options open to you. Some couples are looking for luxury wedding venues Queensland, while others prefer a simple, easy-going beach wedding Queensland. Whitsundays venues offer the beach and luxury all in one. No matter what your expectations for the big day are, there is a long list of venues you can choose from, each offering something different in terms of services and benefits.

7 Important Things To Consider When Choosing a Queensland Wedding Venue

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In order to easily navigate through Queensland wedding packages and make the best choice, you will need to establish a few details from the beginning:

1. Guest numbers

Before you make a shortlist of Whitsundays venues, work out your rough guest numbers to make sure the venue can accommodate your reception. You will need to pick a Queensland wedding venue that is the right size for your festivities. Getting a venue that is too small for the group you are inviting will present a big issue, guests need to be comfortable and not cramped and currently Government required social distancing is still in effect so that must always be kept in mind. Your venue should provide ample space so your guests are comfortable, safe and can properly enjoy themselves.

2. Your price range

Have an approximate idea of how much you can afford to spend on your wedding and check if the venue you are considering fits that budget. Although there are countless Whitsundays wedding venues to choose from, some very appealing, the reality is that not every venue will fit within your budget. Determine precisely what you can afford in order to avoid frustrations and the disappointment of falling in love with a wedding venue you cannot afford.

Consider checking venues that provide various Queensland wedding packages, such as Villa Botanica. The luxurious Balinese-inspired style venue offers various wedding packages that make it a great option among luxury wedding venues Queensland.

Villa Botanica’s professional wedding planners are meticulous and they pride themselves on their ability to work with their clients to ensure their dream wedding goes perfectly to plan. Throughout the planning stages and on the big day Villa Botanica want you to feel nothing but relaxed and reassured, knowing that your special day is in the hands of their trusted experts

3. Date you would like to get married, is there any availability?

Depending on how popular they are, some luxury wedding venues Queensland are booked years in advance, especially around holidays or for special days such as Valentine’s Day. Couples often need to make a choice and decide what is most important to them: a particular wedding venue or a certain date. Many wedding planners Queensland recommend choosing dates that aren’t in high demand as this will allow you to get married at your preferred wedding venue and possibly to save money since some venues offer discounts if you get married during the week or at a less attractive time of the year. If you plan for a destination wedding, your guests will need to take time off work or arrange house sitters or childminders, so make sure to give them your ‘save the date’ plenty of time in advance so they can plan their schedule accordingly.

4. Are you having your reception and ceremony at the same venue?

There’s no doubt about it, a more simplistic wedding is likely to run smoothly. When you have to coordinate a long list of details, it is easier to get into trouble and make a mistake. Having your ceremony and your reception at different locations makes matters a little more complicated, adding to the stress and fatigue of the day, and comes with some extra logistics effort. With a single venue you only have to decorate once, no ferrying your guests between multiple locations and ultimately you get to spend more quality time simply enjoying your day. The ideal option is to get married at a versatile and luxurious venue where you can have both your ceremony and your reception, one that offers an array of beautiful locations within the one venue. 

At Villa Botanica you can hold your ceremony in the exquisite hand carved timber wedding pavilion, which is accessible through a beautiful palm lined and mosaic tiled walkway. The entire 5-acre estate is yours for the day to enjoy and explore. There are no overlap risks and no roaming guests from other parties. With its secluded stretch of beach, the cactarium, the sea-deck which overlooks the coral sea, and the marble ballroom awaiting you to take the floor for your first dance.

5. What do they include in their packages? 

When checking out packages on offer, don’t judge it by its price alone – ask what it is the package provides first. Don’t assume that everything you see in the picture is included. Most venues provide chairs and tables but may charge extra costs for cutlery, glasses, table decorations, and linen. Luxury wedding venues Queensland, such as Villa Botanica, offer attentive wedding planners you can be sure that everything gets covered, ensuring your package is right for you.

6. Is there a wedding planner provided?

Good wedding planners Queensland are vital for the success of your event. Planning your wedding without assistance is an option only when you want a small intimate wedding close to your home or when you have lots of free time available and the existing skills and know-how. Luxury wedding venues Queensland often include a wedding planner within their services because planning your wedding without help is neither practical nor cost-effective, and certainly not stress-free. Why put so much pressure on yourself throughout the process, when you could entrust your wedding planning to professional? He or she can tailor your event to the needs and wants of you and your future spouse, and take care of every single detail.

7. Is the accommodation close by for guests or does the venue offer a transport service for the guests?

It is preferable to choose a Queensland wedding venue that will ensure transportation of your guests from their accommodation to the ceremony and reception place. If they don’t ensure that, give a local bus company a call and ask if they can transport guests.

Couples getting married at Villa Botanica on the Whitsunday Islands do not have to worry about transporting guests. The venue provides complimentary transport for guests if they stay at one of Villa Botanica’s 7 preferred accommodation providers, you’ll also receive a 10% discount off the lowest online rate offered by your chosen accommodation provider

We really believe that you should enjoy your every second of your wedding – even the planning. Once you choose Villa Botanica as your Queensland wedding venue we supply your very own, dedicated, in-house wedding planner to set your plans in motion. The experts at Villa Botanica will ensure the perfect beach wedding Queensland without the usual associated wedding stresses, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that we are looking after you. Villa Botanica distinguishes itself from other Whitsundays venues due to its gorgeous setting, Coral Sea background, dedicated wedding planners, exclusive hosting of one event per day, and offering outstanding services at the highest standards. Contact us today via our website for a free, no-obligation quote for your wedding ceremony and reception!

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