Why Queensland Should Be Your First Choice For Wedding Destinations

Queensland wedding destinations

Many couples have in mind overseas destinations for their wedding and honeymoon, but in uncertain times like these it is safer to get married within Australia. However, you mustn’t feel like you are settling for less by tying the knot locally, because there are plenty of amazing Queensland wedding destinations.

The continental part of Queensland is gorgeous itself with its national parks, lush mountainous rainforests, bushlands and creeks and flat table lands. However, if you want something truly special you can always fly to the Whitsunday Islands and enjoy Australia’s most beautiful tropical islands.

Queensland wedding destinations

Keep on reading to find out why Queensland wedding destinations represent an excellent choice.


Few places on earth have fine weather all year round, and Queensland is one of them. Our sub-tropical humid climate with a rainy and a relatively dry season has average maximum temperatures ranging between 29 C in January and 20 C in July – no matter when you decide to get married, you will have fine weather and be able to celebrate outdoors. The temperature of the sea along the coast of Queensland is perfect for swimming all months of the year as it varies between 21 C in July and August and 26 C during summer months. If you plan to get married on the Whitsunday Islands, again, you can choose any time of the year, with September being the month with the best weather and relatively few visitors. Choosing a date in the winter is not a bad idea either, because the ocean water won’t be chilly and you may also get cheaper rates for services.

Gorgeous tropical settings and destination wedding locations Queensland wedding destinations

Queensland wedding destinations are so popular not only due to the fine weather, but also because the scenery is unique. Queensland is the place where beach and the bush meet and you have the chance to see Australia’s finest landscapes. Extraordinary places in QLD are on the bucket list of travel enthusiasts all over the world and yet remain unknown to many Aussies. A few examples include Lake Wabby on Fraser Island, Fairy Pools in the Noosa National Park, Nudgee Beach in Brisbane, Fairy Falls in Cairns, and Blue Pearl Bay in Hayman Island.

Short travel times

If family or guests are interstate it is a short flight to get to QLD, it is nothing like travelling on long flights overseas. And if you plan your destination wedding on the Whitsunday Islands, you can reach the resort after a short 2-hour flight from Brisbane. A destination wedding that is easy to reach is the best way to ensure a sufficient number of guests at your event.

Have your wedding and honeymoon in one wedding destination spot

Another advantage of Queensland wedding destinations such as venues on the Whitsunday Islands is that you don’t have to travel soon after the wedding for your honeymoon. Many couples give up on their honeymoon because they want to save money or are too tired after the wedding to travel; it is such a pity, since both of you deserve this time alone to create wonderful memories. Opting for a destination wedding means your honeymoon starts as soon as you say “I do” and you have no reason to postpone your holiday together.


Some couples avoid Queensland wedding destinations that are not in their hometown because they fear that destination weddings could be more expensive than a wedding at a local venue. Nothing further from the truth, though; a destination wedding is often more affordable than a traditional one because they take place at specialised venues that offer all services in bulk (ceremony, reception, accommodation, catering, and so on), and one-stop shop solutions are often more affordable. Many of these places have their own in-house wedding planner to ease your organisation work and also to lower your costs. Oppositely, when you try to purchase services from different suppliers you end up paying more money and you waste a lot of time and effort (which can also be counted as money) and you may accumulate a lot of frustrations until the big day.

Entertainment for your guestsQueensland wedding destinations

Getting married at a location providing access to multiple tourist attractions is an excellent idea as this will attract guests. People are more likely to accept your invitation when they can tie the event to a relaxing holiday and you don’t have to worry too much about their entertainment as you can always guide them towards local attractions or even buy tickets for them. Top Whitsunday Island activities and attractions include observing wildlife, swimming, snorkelling, sailing, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, flying over the Heart Reef, and visiting Australia’s most wonderful beaches, such as Whitehaven Beach,. This is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the world with sand that is almost white and stays cool during the hottest days. You and your guests will surely not be bored if you opt for Queensland wedding destinations.

Villa Botanica – Queensland’s most exquisite wedding venue

Queensland wedding destinations

So, you have finally decided for Queensland wedding destinations – the next step is actually choosing the venue where you will tie the knot. Villa Botanica is the preferred destination of couples looking to get married on the Whitsunday Islands for multiple reasons:

We are a private estate specially built for love

The creator of Villa Botanica is Ralph Hogan, a man obsessed by the beauty of nature, who has built the place for his wife. As the estate expanded, they had the idea of sharing the beauty of Villa Botanica with other couples and transformed the place into a boutique wedding venue. They ended up creating Australia’s most beautiful and exclusive wedding venue, using imported marble floors, hand-carved antique furniture, and beautifully ornate teak and merbau wood detailing.

Our estate is unforgettable

Villa Botanica is a tropical mansion with a treasure trove of breath taking photo opportunities, consisting of five acres of magnificent expansive waterfront gardens. The Sea Deck illuminates the best of the turquoise Coral Sea while the lush palm forest is complemented by Balinese inspired antique backdrops. One of our main attractions is the Cactarium where you can take the most magical photos after saying “I do”. The secluded stretch of sand will host your first steps as a married couple, while admiring the undeniable beauty of nature’s pristine serenity. Experience the magic of Villa Botanica for yourself by navigating the 3D explore space available on our website.

We hold one event at a time

Nobody wants to share their special day with other couples, although many venues make profit by hosting multiple events at a time. At Villa Botanica you have the entire estate for yourselves and your guests, making you feel like you are on top of the world.

Expert wedding planning

From the moment you choose us, you have your own dedicated wedding planner who keeps you informed on what to expect and presents the whole planning process. At Villa Botanica we organise over one hundred completely unforgettable weddings a year, and we achieve that by breaking each one down into two distinct journeys. The first starts right now, in the planning and organising lasting anywhere from four months to over two years; the second is the wedding day itself. And during this time period we want you to feel nothing but relaxed and reassured, knowing that the most important day of your life is in the hands of experts.

We are here to help with our experience accumulated while organising hundreds of weddings unlike events at any other Queensland wedding destinations. For an experience that is tailored just to you for giving you the wedding of your dreams, contact us on our website for a free, no-obligation quote and information on Villa Botanica weddings.

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