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Catering is one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning; if anything goes wrong, the success of your event can be compromised. Wedding catering cost is to be considered as well. Unlike certain other expenses which stay the same regardless of how many guests you have, the cost of food increases with each extra person that comes to your wedding.  And there is also the situation when you have guests who RSVP but don not show up, leaving you with extra food that you have already paid for, or fussy eaters and dietary requirement to consider.

When choosing your wedding venue, you need to take into account catering at the same time, as the two vendors need to be located as close to each other as possible and preferably to have worked together before. Let’s dig into your wedding catering so you are not taken by surprise when it comes to deciding on wedding reception caterers. 

Catering Options

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Catering plays a central role at any event, it can set a tone – casual dining to the elegance of fine dining. Eating together enables us to connect to each other, share stories, catch up and spend some quality time in general. Even throughout the pandemic food still meets this function of bringing people together. However, do be aware that current restrictions exist on the various types of dining options permitted at wedding and events. 

Luckily there numerous options that wedding catering services can provide. Having a garden wedding Queensland will enable you to get more creative and choose between multiple wedding food catering ideas:

Food truck wedding catering

Years ago, food trucks used to be reserved for fast food and had nothing festive about them; however, in the last years the culture of street food has risen as a totally legitimate and elegant option. Now you can be served the most exquisite dishes from food trucks and these vehicles are featured in a variety of informal outdoor events and celebrations. When food is served from a food truck, it is easier to follow social distancing regulations. Each dish is individually prepared and plated for each guest and you can call up individual tables one at a time to prevent guests from mingling. This option is most suitable if you are planning a garden wedding Queensland.

Individually-boxed meals

At these unusual times the most unusual catering options have been adapted to fit events such as weddings and other social functions. Wedding catering packages now include, among other options, individually boxed meals, that can contain anything from the simplest dishes to artisan-crafted meals. 

Traditional Wedding Catering

Of course, there is always the option of serving and enjoying food the traditional way. The sit-down, three-course reception dinner is a crowd pleaser that has stood the test of time. It doesn’t have to be boring as you can prepare the most amazing combinations and bring together the most unexpected and exotic flavours. 

Consider the Location with Regards the Menu

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Using local produce for your wedding catering services will enable you to provide the best and most authentic quality food. It pays to know what ingredients are available especially when you are getting married at a destination wedding venue and are not really familiar with the gastronomy of the area.

For instance, coastal venues lend themselves to fresh seafood.  North Queensland offers a selection of quality meats, and fresh vegetables and fruit are available most of the year regardless of the geographical area in which you are getting married. Tropical North Queensland is extremely generous in terms of fresh produce and this area is known for some of the best wedding food catering services in Australia. 

Relying on local produce for your wedding catering does not only provide your guests with fresh, quality food but it also means you are supporting the local economy.


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Citrus and herbal cocktails are among the most popular drink options at Australian weddings as they can be prepared anywhere at reasonable costs. Wherever you choose to get married, think about local distilleries and wineries in the area and incorporate local, quality produce for your wedding bar. Australian vineyards cover more than 170,000 hectares in different regions in New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Queensland. As the 7th biggest wine producing country in the world, there are lots of local options to choose from, being home to more than 2,000 wineries, many of them small family-run businesses who would love the opportunity to supply your big day.


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You don’t have to empty your bank account to provide an excellent dining experience for your wedding guests. There are many ways to save on your wedding catering cost no matter where you get married, at home or at a Whitsunday wedding venue. Some of the tips to keep your budgeting in control are:

  • Avoid getting married when the demand is high – caterers charge more during the wedding season (September to May);
  • The style of the reception matters – make sure everything flows ;
  • Elaborate and ornate preferences carry a higher price tag – a premier menu which includes expensive entrees and extravagant canapes will require you to get some extra dollars out of your pocket;
  • Reduce waste – why pay for food that people don’t eat? Base your catering selection on popular food options, do your research and opt for what your guests like and don’t be afraid to ask them about their preferences;
  • Book catering early – this will enable you to avoid rush fees when the service is not booked earlier than several months before the event.

Pleasing Fussy Eaters

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Make sure to include staple items you know the fussy eaters will like, especially if you have children and teenagers attending your wedding. 

Also remember securing food options for wedding guests with special dietary needs. Some of your friends may be vegan while other people may be allergic to some ingredients or suffer from other food intolerances. Luckily there are many catering options available for wedding receptions nowadays and vendors can adapt to special dietary requirements that are suitable for all categories, such as pregnant, religious beliefs, dairy-free, low-carb, diabetic, paleo, and many others. Simply ask about special dietary requirements your guests may have so you can plan your wedding reception menu. Depending on your caterer, you may have to pay a little more on your catering than budgeted, but at least you won’t have people turning up and not being able to eat the food.

What if you didn’t have to think about every aspect of your wedding catering cost and have a professional handling it for you?

Remove the stress of catering with Villa Botanica and Aquava Catering – all Villa Botanica catering is provided by Aquava, the boutique catering that provides a fusion of culinary delights for a variety of occasions from dinner parties and boutique weddings to private island events.

Some of their delicious catering includes:

  • Sugar cured Salmon with avocado and baby herbs
  • Fresh melon and Parma ham with basil and vintage balsamic
  • Porcini mushroom and parmesan arancini
  • Baby beetroot, labna, dukkah and micro herb salad
  • Coffin Bay Oyster with finger lime caviar

Aquava offers sit-down meals, canapes, picnics, cocktail receptions and has collaborated with Villa Botanica for hundreds of weddings. The most popular option is having cocktails and canapes on the sea-deck, followed by a sit-down meal on the veranda. 

Get in contact with Villa Botanica today to start planning your perfect wedding. Villa Botanica will be with you every step of the way; from catering to photographers we are here to help you. Get in contact with the team at Villa Botanica today via the website.

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