Phillip + Jessica

When Doctor Philip met Nurse Jessica while they were both working in a hospital in Canberra, a classic workplace romance dynamic turned to gold. The pair were no strangers to long shifts and tiring working conditions, but Jessica had caught Phillip’s eye, so very thoughtfully, he would wait in the hospital foyer with a coffee for her every morning before she started her shift.

This sweet gesture moved her greatly, and sparks started to fly between the Doctor and Nurse. Despite her already early wake up call, Jessica began to leave home earlier and earlier to spend a little more time with Phillip before work. Slowly, the couple realised that they had something very special. After only two months together, Philip felt it was time to introduce this amazing woman to his family and they set off on a trip to the UK together. There’s no need to say that the trip went well because just four months later, Philip knew it was time to pop the question.

On the day of the engagement, Jessica had been travelling from Canberra to see Philip who had recently moved to the central coast. On her arrival, he came to greet her at her car and, she remembers, he was dressed very sharply. She recalls being incredibly unaware and hugged him whilst swinging a bag of broccoli that she had brought along from Canberra so as not to waste it.

Chocolates, Candles, Flowers And A Proposal She Couldn’t Resist

Thinking about what she would make for dinner, Jessica walked into the house nonchalantly and found herself amongst dozens of lit candles placed around the room. On the floor were petals and flowers as well as chocolates and some framed photographs of the couple. The room looked like something out of a romance novel.

“Philip sat her down on the couch and started playing the piano while singing ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri.”

Then he professed his undying love, promising that he would take care of her forever, before pulling out a breathtaking ring from under the cushion next to Jessica. He got down on one knee and was crying from the emotion and excitement. She knew there was no other answer but yes.

The Pair Are True Romantics

Before the wedding, the couple reluctantly parted for a separate hen and stag do. Philip indulged in a boys’ weekend away with friends while Jessica was thrown a surprise party by her bridesmaids. The girls had the affair at her parent’s house enjoying lovely food and champagne while playing some classic hen’s games that had them in fits of giggles. When asked, they said it was a fun to spend time with their friends and family, but both were longing for the big day to arrive.

In true romantic fashion, Jessica says that before she met Philip, she didn’t believe in soul mates, perfect matches, or anything of the sort. But as time went on, she realised what a magical union they share. She shares that it feels as if they are absolutely perfect together. Philip compliments Jessica’s personality to the core and she truly believes that there is no other man that she could be with. Of course, he feels the same way about her. The two insist that they are “meant” to be together if there is such a thing. Philip and Jessica chose to have their wedding day exactly two years after their first date on April 21st, 2017.

They Fell in Love with The Relaxed, Tropical Beauty

The couple decided to have a wedding away from their hometown so their busy guests could squeeze in a little holiday along the way. After doing a fair amount of research and looking at some pictures of different venues, they decided on the sweeping views and lush green gardens of Villa Botanica. They came for a visit and fell in love with the relaxing, tropical beauty of the villa. “It was so us” said Jessica, recalling how thrilled she was when she saw it. Philip and Jessica chose to upgrade their package to add some little luxuries to their special day such as a welcome drink and all the extra frills for lunch, morning tea and the bridal party. Many of the guests mentioned it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to.

Jessica shared with us that the day itself went incredibly quickly. Her favourite part of the wedding was walking down the aisle “to marry her beautiful man.” She couldn’t wait to take in his face when he saw her all dressed up. She also recalls loving the speeches and beautiful memories that were shared about the couple as well as some of the more embarrassing, but highly amusing stories. The whole event was high with emotion, and Jessica says she shed many tears of joy throughout. After the formalities were over, she and Philip were thrilled to be able to do a bang up job of partying and celebrating with all of their loved ones.

The Couple Enjoyed Some Tradition in their Wedding

In true romantic fashion, Philip and Jessica wanted to uphold some old wedding traditions. They partook in the garter toss as well as a bouquet toss and had their magical first dance together. To build anticipation they also stayed separately the night before the wedding and the groom did not see the bride before she walked down the aisle.

As for the dress, Jessica thought she had an idea of what she wanted. But after trying on a selection of simple dresses, she found them all to be too unflattering and opted for a much more feminine gown that featured a long train. Her final choice was an elegant strapless gown that featured pearl embellishments around the waist. She was glad to have chosen a dress with a very long train and remembers feeling like a princess the entire time. To accentuate her gown, she wore a simple pearl necklace and a bracelet as well as some flowers in her hair. The bridesmaids looked ravishing in their oyster-coloured halter dresses while the groomsmen wore three-piece suits with patterned ties that matched the bridesmaids’’ dresses.

Philip and Jessica didn’t really have a wedding theme in mind when they planned their big day and opted for a simple, classic style rather than something over the top. By adding a few extras, the simple wedding was made even more luxurious and special. Their wedding planner, Gemma, from Villa Botanica ensured that every detail was completely flawless from start to finish. Gemma tells us she loved working with the couple:

“They were super fun and such lovely people, but it was his Irish accent and her beauty that made them one of my favourite couples this year.”

They also splurged a little on photography and videography, and with such a gorgeous venue it would have been a shame not to. They were absolutely delighted with how stunning the photographs turned out. Wedding photographer Luke Middlemiss had captured the emotion and venue perfectly. The couple had their honeymoon in Cyprus for ten nights followed by another four nights in Poland. They’re currently in the UK and have just booked another romantic trip together to Tuscany.

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