After fifteen years and much water under the bridge, Megan had resigned herself to not being married to Allan. After all, they were a stable and loving couple that had stuck together through thick and thin. They had survived the hardest of times and come out the other side with beautiful children and an unshakeable bond. They were even from the same hometown so it seemed un-necessary to spend money and time on making it legal when they were already beyond legitimate in each other’s eyes.

It all began with a friendship forged when they were young but these two became an exclusive couple within year. They initially devoted themselves to furthering their careers, but after four years together, decided to change things up and take their team on the road. They packed down the house and bought a campervan with the intent to travel Australia together in what can only be described as close quarters!

They bonded with adventure, exploration and an unforgettable journey

The next two years formed the foundation of their relationship as they crossed the Australian countryside. Sticking together through mechanical breakdowns, running out of fuel, getting lost without maps, dust storms, droughts and even the occasional tropical cyclone. The adventures came thick and fast, putting their bond to the test over and over. After two years of wandering wherever the wind took them (and waking up looking over cliff tops) the pair decided to settle down on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast.

 It took 13 years for Alan to pop the question. By this time, they’d already had two beautiful children together and had established themselves financially, emotionally and spiritually as a team. One weekend, the couple decided to hire a babysitter and have a few days off together in Noosa. Alan checked them into a Penthouse suite but it wasn’t until the next day, while they were taking a stroll on the beach that Megan turned around to find him down on one knee with a sparkling diamond in his hand. It was an unbelievable moment. After all of the exotic destinations they’d travelled to where she’d anticipated him proposing, this was one of the times where she had not suspected a thing! And that’s what made all the difference. For Megan, it was the most perfect proposal she could ever have dreamed of.

An unexpected blessing changed their plans entirely

They planned to get married exactly one year after the proposal, on January 16th 2016. But, after paying all the deposits, sending out invites, ordering a wedding dress and even organising the groomsmen’s outfits, they got some unexpected, amazing news when they discovered they were pregnant with their third baby! Ironically, the baby was due only two weeks after their planned wedding date so this added more than expected to the pair’s plate. They were already building a new house, and planning a traditional wedding together was taking up a huge amount of energy.

Despite their plans, the baby had to come first. You see Megan and Alan faced their share of heartache in the fifteen years they’d been together. They had struggled to conceive their first baby and endured years of unsuccessful IVF attempts. But instead of breaking them, the process only made them stronger – a testament to how firm their relationship is. With so much at stake they made the decision to cancel their existing wedding plans and simply elope to be married with 40 of their closest friends and family members. This is where Botanica Weddings came in.

They found the perfect venue and wedding planner

We were thrilled to be able to host their small but gorgeous wedding at Villa Botanica. As soon as Megan saw the venue and met Gemma, her wedding planner, she knew it was the right place for her special day. The wedding itself was incredibly elegant. The pair wanted it to convey a theme of simple classical romance – much like their relationship – rather than something grandiose. It turned out Gemma was the perfect person to help them choose the colours and dress the venue accordingly. As a mother herself she immediately clicked with Megan and the pair were able to work together as a team, changing nappies, solving problems and pulling together a day that Megan will never forget.

One of our photographers, Simon Coulson was there to cover their day and remarked that “Megan and Alan were such an easygoing couple, it hardly felt like work at all.” He captured some beautiful moments that really reflect the couple’s love for each other and their vibrant personalities. Megan says one of her most treasured memories was during the photography session. She looked over at Alan and felt completely blown away by how in love with him she was. Then, during his speech, Alan broke down into tears. It was a side of him that not many had seen and a beautiful moment, which captured how deeply in love they are. It was a pleasure for Gemma and Simon to be part of Alan and Megan’s experience and we’re sure it was a sublime day that’s indelibly etched into the couple’s minds.

So what did they wear?

As for the frills – the bride wore a gorgeous dress embellished with tiny, cut out flowers designed by talented a local dressmaker in Noosa. When she first saw it, Megan didn’t expect much. But then she put it on and was blown away by the intricate detailing and the way it made her look. It’s common wisdom with wedding dresses that when you find the one, you know instantly. And at that moment, Megan was absolutely sure that this was her dress. In nervous anticipation and awe, she gazed at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle in it.

And on the day, the groomsmen outdid themselves too! They looked every bit the part in their Roger David navy suits, crisp white shirts and smart tanned shoes. The bridesmaids wore stylish, floor-length nude dresses with a low back, and were adorned in simple but stunning Mimco jewellery. The venue made a simply magnificent backdrop and family and friends were pleased to enjoy a little holiday while celebrating the union.

A shared honeymoon with their newest family member

Of course their story continues. After the wedding, Megan and Alan went on a family holiday to Hamilton Island for a week with their children. It wasn’t your traditional honeymoon, but they relished every moment spent together as a family. They continue to live in the Sunshine Coast but plan to visit Bali as a couple to celebrate their ‘one year’ anniversary of marriage in September.

It’s so inspiring to see a couple enjoy such an electrifying, love-filled wedding after 15-years together and three beautiful children. Gemma and Simon said it was magical to connect with such a cool, easygoing and loving couple.

“From the moment we met them, until the moment they released the doves, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of their wedding and we’d like to thank them for choosing Botanica.”

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