A Very Luxury Wedding: Insider Advice for Elegant Receptions

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A wedding is an unforgettable event, a day which we will cherish for a lifetime. We want the big day to be special, exactly the way we have imagined it, making dream a reality without compromising on the dress, the flowers, or any other aspect. Yet as much as you’d like to have a luxury wedding with all the bells and whistles, it is important to control costs and stick within a predetermined budget. Many newlyweds need money for a new car or to pay for a house, or money savings with your wedding can be used for your honeymoon or to fulfil one of your other dreams. How can you save money when there are so many luxury wedding packages and ideas drawing your attention? In this post we will be giving insider advice from wedding planning Qld experts, enabling you to throw your nuptials in great style without emptying your pockets completely:

What Makes a Luxury Wedding?

Before planning for a luxury wedding, consider exactly what it is that makes a wedding feel luxurious. Think about those staple “lux” pieces instead of throwing money at every aspect of your big day.

Guest Experience Matters 

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Just spending money does not guarantee luxury. Of course, a luxury wedding will have a series of elements that will come with extra costs, such as lighting, live music, or a dress change, but what you need to focus on is attention to details and personal touches. The day should be like a journey, and your guests should have a feeling of anticipation and ask themselves “what’s next?”

Well-Planned Menu

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The menu should be exquisite, inspired, and paired properly with appropriate drinks. This is why your wedding planning Qld consultant should have deep knowledge of food, wine, and florals. Nowadays food is the new fashion and the aesthetics are everything. For a generation who is used to photographing their food, the wedding menu is one of the central and most-anticipated points of the event.

Effective Communication with Your Wedding Planner

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An exclusive wedding starts with the first call or email you send to your wedding planner, and he or she should be able to make you feel like you are the most important couple in the world. The right person should provide you with ample time to explain your vision, and be available to have unlimited emails, meetings, and phone calls with you.

Making a Statement

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Couples interested in a luxury wedding opt for vendors that have some sort of acclaim, are celebrities themselves, and have a tried and true reputation for providing outstanding services. The wedding is not just the celebration of getting married, but a moment of self-expression and an extension of the couple’s personality.

What to Look For In a Venue

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Luxurious wedding feel can be made or broken by the venue choice. And the right choice of venue, such as a destination wedding venue, can help you save money you would otherwise spend on décor for an average venue. The natural setting of many destination weddings requires very little decor or dressing up.

Our advice is to look for a venue that provides a luxurious feel naturally, before any decorations are added.  Whitsunday wedding venues are frequently considered luxury simply because of their location, and yet their price is within the same range as that of more basic or city-based wedding venues.

How to go Luxury on a Budget

Once you have chosen the right unique wedding venue that will ensure a natural feel of luxury, such as Villa Botanica, it’s time to start researching ideas on how to have your dream destination wedding without breaking the bank. Here are some good starting points that will deliver luxury without excessive cost:

Have a Cocktail Reception

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Forget the help-yourself attitude and food waste of a wedding buffet. Instead opt for a cocktail reception with a beautiful display where butlers in tuxedos pass trays – it looks more high-end at costs that are roughly the same. Opt for a caterer that provides attentive staff alongside exquisite cocktails and canapes.

Dress Code

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Your guests are a big part of your wedding, and by specifying a formal dress code such as black tie on the wedding invitation you can be sure to keep everything looking smart.  Guests attending your wedding will play their own role in creating a luxury wedding feel; all you have to do is set the standard.

Rent Your Dress

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A luxury bride will wear something expensive and from a reputable designer, which can significantly increase your wedding expenses. So why pay to own your $10,000 dress when you could rent it at a fraction of the cost, and look just as fabulous?

Small and Glamorous Cakes

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Luxury is not about boasting, but about showing who you are. So huge, extravagant cakes don’t show luxury, but rather shout “Look at me!” A smaller but more elegantly and classically designed cake will exude under-stated luxury, without being overtly showy.

Incorporate Live Music

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Live music is a must on your wedding checklist, as live musicians create an amazing ambience for the first part of the reception. A soloist is often the perfect way to start the evening – for example, Spanish guitar or a solo vocalist. As the night kicks in, you will want to up the tempo, consider hiring a lively DJ that will get everyone dancing.

Be Creative with Your Tables

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Some tips for making those boring tables look worthy of your dream destination wedding are using glamorous fabric, going a little longer than floor length with the linens, creating your own table runners, folding napkins in a fancy manner, using napkin rings, creating chic centrepieces which costs less than pricey flowers, and varying the height and size of the centrepieces.

Incorporate Calligraphy

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Embrace in a little DIY and try your hand at some creative writing styles. Internet tutorials are perfect for helping you to create your own unique, refined invitations, escort cards, signs, and table numbers. You will obtain a classy and custom-made look at almost negligible costs!

Discuss Requirements with Your Photographer

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A luxury wedding photo album will focus on the beauty of the venue, the elements of detail within the décor, and the couple themselves. Your wedding photos should capture the richness and expressiveness of the wedding as a whole. Talk to your photographer and explain to him or her that you want to capture the five-star aesthetic of the wedding – these amendments will have a huge impact on how you remember the most important day in your life.

Carefully Selected Bridesmaids Colours

bride centered with bridesmaids wearing blue wedding dresses and holding bouquet of roses

Blush and cream are the most common choices for bridesmaids’ dresses, but royal blue is also among the top choices of brides looking to have an elegant wedding with a five-star appeal. Bridesmaids’ dresses in various colours can cost around the same, but by choosing the right palette they make your entire wedding look more expensive.

Regardless of your budget, organising a wedding is not a simple affair – especially when you want a luxury look and feel but without the designer price tag.  Matters can become even more complicated and you are short of time and lack the creativity and knowledge to make it all go to plan.  Villa Botanica stands out from other Whitsunday wedding venues not only because it has the most gorgeous background that will instantly turn your wedding into a luxury one, but the Villa team will assist you with organising your wedding in the most dedicated and professional manner possible. Villa is naturally elegant so you don’t have to work too much on the décor and provides those five-star services that give a sense of opulence to your wedding. Their experienced and creative planners will help you every step of the way.

Making the first contact is the first step to planning your luxury wedding. We’re here to answer any questions you might have – enquire today for more information on how to achieve your dream destination wedding.

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