Kaitlyn & Kenneth

Destination Wedding Whitsundays

We have an odd beginning to how we met and it always takes people by surprise. As a child your told not to go to strangers house but I did with my best friend and her husband which is Kenny’s best mate. This particular day Kenny’s best mate needed help with his car so he brought it around to his place and they were working on fixing his car. My best friend had brought me around with her as she really didn’t won’t to be sitting around doing nothing while the men where fixing the car.  So I was practising hair styles on her to pass the time. Days later my best friend and I were hanging out and my friend and her husband decided to play matchmaking.  So I meet my now Husband in his garage.

Destination Wedding Whitsundays
Destination Wedding Whitsundays

Why Did You Choose Villa Botanica?

Kenny was the one that fell in love with Villa Botanica before he even proposed to me. He had been looking at venues and came across this one on the night I said yes he showed me the video of Villa, Months later we took a tour of Villa and as soon as I hoped out of the car I had goose bumps. We decided to look at other venues just in case but we loved that we had a wedding planner and in the packages it was well thought out and we didn’t have to go out and try and caterers, DJ, hair and make-up etc. They organised it but we still had input which was great. They pride themselves on communication.

What Was The Most Unforgettable Part Of Your Wedding Experience?

A two days before the wedding my wedding dress needed urgent fixing no fault of Villa Botanica. Villa was amazing in how professional they where and how well they handled the situation as they had never had this issue before. They made it as stress free as possible and just having our wedding planner go above and beyond for something that was not there fault, really showed how much they cared. In the end you couldn’t tell anything happened to my dress as they did an amazing job organising it to be fixed it. Looking back at it adds character to our wedding showing things don’t go right but it’s the way you handle it as a bride and groom and the way you treat the staff in the process of when things go wrong. Again no fault of Villa Botanica.

Destination Wedding Whitsundays
Destination Wedding Whitsundays

What Was Your Favourite Location Within Villa Botanica’s Private Estate?

That’s a hard one to decide as each location is beautiful and unique in there own way making it special.  We loved how it’s rainforest meets the sea and the amazing views out onto the ocean its just you and your guests they really do mean it’s a private estate.

What Was The Theme Of Your Wedding?

We didn’t really have a theme, we just decided on what meaningful for us. We chose red roses as Kenny would pick roses out of his garden and give them to me.  We chose the reception on the sea deck as we love the open space the fresh air and are always doing something at the beach or fishing. We went with the more rustic looking decor on tables as we are a laid back couple and to us that was perfect. I even got our DJ to play the chicken dance as Kenny’s calls me chicken so it was only fitting I surprised him with the chicken dance. If you don’t have a theme it’s ok just sit down and think of what is meaningful to you that your partner does and see if you can include it

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