How Do You Plan A Destination Wedding? 5 Quick Tips

destination wedding

Choosing a Destination wedding is increasingly popular to Australian couples due to multiple advantages they provide: making the event memorable, not having to choose between your hometown and your partner’s, keeping things casual so everyone is comfortable, and so on. 

destination wedding

Even if destination weddings seem more difficult to plan because the place where you get married is away from home, this shouldn’t prevent you from starting the honeymoon the minute you say “I do!” Your destination wedding planning will work out smoothly if you consider the following 5 tips:

  • Pick a destination

Almost every aspect of your wedding depends on where you choose to tie the knot, from wedding dress style to catering and travel arrangements. Once you settle for a destination, you’ll start feeling less confused about the planning and become able to actually solve things. destination wedding australia

Choosing the right location depends on your preferences and hobbies. For instance, if you enjoy exotic holidays, you should opt for a tropical island; if you are passionate about history, an old city in Europe could be the right choice for you. 

However, you should also keep in mind practical aspects/logistics and select a destination that is relatively easy for everyone to travel to. If you want to invite all your relatives to your wedding, including old Aunt Betty, don’t drag them to Rome or Paris just because you love medieval history. Consider a closer destination that most people are able and willing to travel to.

  • Visit the location or hire a planner you trust

Ideally, you should visit your destination wedding location at least once before the big day. This may not always be possible, due to budget limitations, lack of time, or, more recently, travel restrictions. The solution is either hiring a planner you trust to visit the venue for you or choose a venue that provides a wedding planner with their services, such as Villa Botanica in the Whitsunday Islands. You can confidently choose to throw your nuptials here without setting your foot at Villa Botanica before the wedding day; you can explore the magic of the venue for yourself by navigating the 3D explore space on the Villa Botanica website.

Whether you work with your chosen wedding planner or with the wedding planners from Villa Botanica, check their portfolio before hiring and see if you like the weddings they have organised so far. This should tell you if you are a good match or not. If possible, get in touch with references and read reviews on dedicated websites. 

  • Scope out the venue

Being sure about the destination venue you choose is vital as the success of your event depends to a large extent on the place where you decide to throw your nuptials. Think in advance about those aspects that are important for you in a wedding venue and even prepare a list of aspects you want to check during your visit or preliminary discussion with the venue manager. Some boxes you may want to check when evaluating a venue are:

  • Size – make sure the place is roomy enough to accommodate your entire guest list. Remember that venues look larger when they’re empty and that wedding essentials like tables, bars, band, etc. fill it up quickly.
  • Including well-defined areas – when visiting a venue, you should be able to envision where every activity will happen, such as eating, drinking, dancing, greeting guests, and so on. The venue should be large enough to separate into sections without making you feel cramped. Avoid spaces with odd configurations as they could compromise your party’s flow.
  • Privacy – people attend weddings to meet other people, but they also require privacy when needed. Having your ceremony in a public place can be interesting, but are you okay with strangers trekking past your celebration? Also, your dream venue should allow for retreat places where you can have an intimate discussion with another guest or simply spend some time alone. Another thing that you may not realise right now is that banquet halls and hotels hold multiple affairs at a time and you could hear noise from the other hall exactly when the bride’s father is holding an emotional speech. This is why you should look for venues that hold one event at a time, like Villa Botanica does – your wedding day should be only yours, right?
  • Style – size and privacy are important, but they are useless if you don’t like the style of the venue. Finding a venue that is aesthetically pleasing is paramount, and we all know that what some people find exquisite can be considered bad taste by others. You should like the venue and see yourself spending the big day there, it’s just that simple.
  • Vet the vendors

Researching vendors carefully is another not so glamorous aspect of wedding planning, but it needs to be done. Otherwise you may be dissatisfied with your sugar-loaded candy bar or notice that the photographer cut your head from the photo where you were saying “I do.” Checking vendors is time and nerve consuming, but doing it will work out in your favour.  Everything you can find online about your vendors is important, from Facebook recommendations to reviews on wedding directory sites and if you can actually talk to someone who has used their services, it would be even better. 

Or – you can choose from the beginning a destination wedding venue that has it all covered, such as Villa Botanica. Nobody wants to spend long hours researching vendors online and trying to find if a caterer indeed provides some awful appetisers that could make their guests sick. What you get instead is a friendly team of wedding planning experts that are easy to talk to, even if you are not sure about the kind of wedding you want. Contact us here for a free, no obligation quote – we are happy to listen to you!

  • Send out invitations early

You can’t have a wedding party without guests, and you need to include them in your destination wedding planning as soon as possible. Remember that not everyone is going to be able to attend because it can be expensive to travel to a destination wedding. If you have friends who might not be able to make it due to expenses, you could help them by supporting the costs of plane tickets or accommodation. Wedding planning involves a certain degree of compromise, and you should be aware that you cannot have them all: exotic location, hundreds of guests, low costs, celebrity-style photos, and so on. If you want to avoid cutting your guest list drastically, you should opt for a destination wedding that is not awfully far from where most of your guests live. Also, let them know months in advance so they can plan and make sure they are free from work and other obligations for the period they need to be away from town to attend your wedding. You could consider dropping hints and sending save the date cards for the intended date up to one year early so people can reserve that day on the calendar for your wedding.

Destination wedding is essentially about following your heart and doing things differently. You can organise an unforgettable destination wedding if you adapt your wedding planning strategies a bit, and, more importantly, if you choose the right venue. You need someone who will take care of it all so you can completely enjoy the big day without turning your life upside down for months. Having to manage every single aspect of wedding planning is burdensome and could prevent you from enjoying the most important day in your life. Fortunately, choosing a reliable and unique destination wedding venue like Villa Botanica means that half of the trouble is already solved.

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