Why You Should Consider Outdoor Wedding Venues During The Covid-19 Pandemic

newly wedded couple dancing at the center of Villa Botanica Outdoor Wedding Venue

The Covid-19 outbreak has hit both engaged couples and the wedding industry very, very hard. Venues have been closed for months upon months, many vendors have gone out of business, and couples have postponed or rescheduled their weddings for a later date. In some parts of Australia there are certain lockdown restrictions in place and wedding ceremonies are only allowing 5 participants, with the reception totally out of question. Being stuck at home has been the least of problems to engaged couples, as many have cancelled their weddings or have had no other choice than to simply settle for a smaller, outdoor wedding which complies with Covid-19 regulations. 

The unprecedented circumstances that we are currently experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a lot of stress and wedding disruption. Even if you still get married in 2021, you need to make some significant alterations to your wedding plans and standard practices, such as only offering sit-down catering service, seating people with their household only, avoiding singing and wind instruments, dancing only with your partner and parents, keeping contact information of guests and vendors, etc.

Vendors have also been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, with the average business suffering a 50% loss in 2020, as only 60,000 weddings are expected to take place this year compared to the usual 120,000. The only good news for the wedding industry so far, though, is its unique quality of being recession-resistant. Experts expect couples who have postponed their wedding to tie the knot later in 2021 or 2022, when the wedding industry is likely to experience a huge boom that will bring vendors back on track.

Current legislation in Qld

If you choose to stick with your original wedding plans and still get married in 2021, you will need to be aware of the latest rules and requirements in Queensland or within the Australian state you plan to get married in. Whether you hold your reception indoors or prefer an outdoor wedding reception, you need to stay informed about the latest developments and discuss them with your wedding planner Queensland as well:

  • Gatherings must not exceed 100 persons in a defined area (both indoor and outdoor areas);
  • Four square meters of space per patron is required;
  • Businesses have the right to refuse service to patrons displaying symptoms such as fever and coughing;
  • Social distancing requirements need to be clearly marked on the floor;
  • Separate doors for entry and exit are recommended where possible;
  • Joining tables or swapping of assigned seating at tables is not permitted;
  • Hand sanitisers freely throughout wedding venues and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection are required;
  • Businesses should consider whether to accept externally provided decoration such as outside wedding decorations;
  • No bar service and no waiting at the bar are permitted;
  • Dancing is only allowed for the wedded couple and their parents;
  • Frequently touched surfaces (such as handrails, scanners, plant controls, machinery and doors) should be cleaned regularly using appropriate detergent solutions and also disinfected on a regular basis.

For the complete set of regulations read the Wedding Industry COVID Safe Plan from the Australian Government.

Outdoor weddings & venues – an excellent choice during the Covid outbreak

Villa Botanica Outdoor wedding venue During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Outdoor wedding has been a recurring trend in the last years and it has become even more popular in 2021, as outside events are easier to organise and have a reduced risk of Covid-19 spread (the virus spreads more easily in closed, poorly-ventilated environments).  Whether you are considering an outdoor destination wedding venue because of the pandemic or because that is simply what you prefer, there are many reasons why couples choose places like Whitsunday wedding venues and get married by the ocean or with other picturesque natural settings:

Endless options

outdoor wedding party strolling with the newly wedded couple and guests at Villa Botanica

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Many indoor venues are in serious high demand and end up fully booked even a couple of years in advance, but with outdoor weddings you can get married in countless of other places, such as a field, your backyard garden, on a mountain top, in a park, and of course by the beautiful ocean etc.

No need for outside wedding decorations

surrounded by nature’s pristine beauty, Villa Botanica is the most intimate and romantic outdoor Wedding Venue in the heart of Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

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Natural landscapes and the great outdoors can be used to your decorating advantage – who needs decorations when they have stunning mountain vistas or beach side waves? Fewer decors means saving money, creating less waste, and simplifying your wedding planning, while still getting that wow-effect.

Fewer concerns when you opt for Whitsunday wedding venues

groom backhug bride in the middle of outdoor wedding venue with accents of overflowing greenery and glass candle to compliment Villa Botanica's backdrop

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An outdoor wedding can be difficult to organise from scratch because not only you will need to provide all the facilities usually ensured by a venue, but you may also deal with added concerns such as weather, creepy crawlies, wind, temperature extremes, sound issues, etc. Selecting the right destination wedding venue will make your wedding planning easier because a specialised wedding boutique or exclusive venue will take care of all these matters. No need to worry about sorting your own plan B in case of bad weather or worry about the sound quality – all you need to do is relax and enjoy the most important day of your life! Even if the weather is beautiful the majority of the year in the Whitsundays, venues such as Villa Botanica always have a rain plan option available that is just as attractive and romantic as the original plan.

No overcrowded spaces

Villa Botanica outdoor wedding reception Created a sense of fullness and abundance with a low centrepiece by layering varied glassware, candles and tea lights

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Most outdoor wedding venues are more spacious and breathable than indoor options. This means more space to work with when creating your reception area, more room for guests to relax, and being able to cope with social distancing regulations without severely limiting the number of guests.

Alternative seating options

outdoor wedding reception


Have you ever seen people awkwardly placed at a wedding because a table has 10 seats and you need to fill them all for aesthetic reasons? This will no longer be an issue with outdoor weddings, as you have a multitude of options for outdoor seating, such as benches, lawn chairs, blankets on hay bales, log seats, etc. These creative seating options of outdoor weddings will also make it easier for you to seat together people from the same household or social group without having different numbers of guests allocated to tables of the same size.

Create cherished memories

Outdoor Wedding Venue - The happiest of moments at Villa Botanica


But maybe one of the best reasons to have an outdoor wedding reception is that you will create cherished memories for you and your guests. Your wedding will be remembered for a long time and you will have the perfect story to share with your children and grandchildren. So instead of talking of 2021 as the year when you could not get married because of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year could be where you adapted and ended up having the most unforgettable wedding of your dreams, when you started a beautiful life together with your significant other.

As an Australian couple, an outdoor wedding in Queensland can be the best option both in Covid times and at any time actually. Guests will never forget your outdoor wedding reception and you can choose between dozens of Whitsunday wedding venues that provide professional wedding planning services with minimal need for outside wedding decorations. Villa Botanica can be that perfect destination wedding venue for you due to the excellent services, meticulous wedding planners, breathtaking ocean views, Balinese-inspired unique architecture, and perfect privacy due to the spacious 5-acre estate being available just for you for the day. Visit our website to discover why Villa Botanica Whitsundays Wedding Venue is your dream wedding venue! 

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