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A garden wedding is a wedding ceremony/reception taking place in a garden – they are generally preferred by couples who like being outdoors and want a more relaxed feel for their wedding. Garden wedding Queensland inquiries have multiplied in the last months as holding an event outdoors makes it easier to comply with recent social distancing requirements. 

Planning for a garden wedding reception does not mean you will have to get married in your backyard, of course, as there are many wedding ceremony venues offering this type of service all over Australia. 

If you like the idea of planning a garden wedding Queensland for your big day, here are some ideas on how to start your garden wedding planning Qld:

Villa Botanica Garden Wedding Queensland Venue

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Consider your venue setting

The backdrop of your wedding ceremony will be the canvas on which you plan everything else. From floral arrangements and gardens to coastal views and rustic buildings there are endless options for outdoor garden weddings. 

Pick a welcome sign

Most wedding ceremony venues will already have at least one type of welcome sign available and you should be able to personalise it with your names or a funny message like “pick a seat, not a side, as we’re all family once the knot is tied”. A garden wedding is the perfect excuse to add some creative flair with your welcome sign – floral and shabby chic are both styles to think about.

Add creative flair to your garden area

Make your garden wedding reception stand out from the crowd by using beautiful styling and decorations, such as flower bars, lights hanging from tree branches, flowers in vintage bottles, or wine barrels bursting with fresh flowers. Garden weddings suit rustic details and a simplistic approach to décor and styling.

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Relax your approach to wedding food

Traditional and more formal catering options are still popular, but many couples are now opting for a more relaxed approach on wedding food, such as food trucks, gelato stations, wine and cheese stations, gourmet barbecues, and cocktail stations. A catering company that offers a food selection to compliment your venue is ideal. For example, with a coastal venue garden wedding venue consider fresh local produce, seafood, beautiful edible flowers and tasty minis for your guests.

How will the garden look at the time of your wedding?

Consider the seasons and the weather, and how they will affect your chosen venue. Wedding planning qld makes this a bit easier though, as the weather is nice all year round and many couples opt for a Whitsunday wedding venue when planning a winter wedding. At this time of the year, the heat of the tropical summer is gone and popular tourist spots are less crowded. Queensland also offers tropical flora that thrive in the heat, unusual plants such as cacti make for a great décor option.

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Garden Wedding Styling

Garden wedding styling can range from boho chic, to a simple, pure and classic white wedding. Lace and vintage dress styles compliment garden wedding venues. Pure white gives a classic and traditional feel to any venue, the contrast between greenery and white detail makes for great wedding photos.

Choose an all-in-one ceremony and reception venue

Venue changes can be quite an inconvenience and cause disturbances such as downtime between ceremony and reception, having to provide instructions to guests on how to move from one location to another, having to arrange transportation, etc. A venue offering everything from ceremony to reception areas is highly recommended because it will allow you to save on time, stress and money. All-in-one garden wedding venues also create an atmosphere of calm as you and your guests organically move from one are to the next as the day progresses. 

Make sure you have a plan B you are happy with.

The Whitsundays are known for excellent weather throughout the entire year, but Mother Nature can be very unpredictable in Australia. When the weather is not really suited for a garden wedding, your destination wedding venue should provide the option of moving everything inside as your Plan B. Make sure you are also happy with your plan B if plan A doesn’t quite work out.

Consider off-peak times for your wedding date

Wedding vendors operate both during high and off-peak times throughout the year, so if you are working to a strict budget, you can look for wedding ceremony venues that are available during the off-peak season – winter weddings are very popular in Australia and it is even possible to have a garden wedding Queensland during what is technically the coldest time of the year, as the Queensland weather will still be enjoyable enough to celebrate outdoors.

If you are looking for a destination wedding venue that is the perfect setting for a garden wedding look no further than Villa Botanica. This stunning Whitsunday wedding venue is located right on the edge of the Coral Sea, a Balinese inspired estate has countless features that make it an ideal garden wedding qld venue. This unique and exclusive venue has a timber, hand-carved pavilion to host your wedding ceremony, features an impressive ballroom for your first dance or to retreat to in case of bad weather (don’t forget that plan B), and provides an idyllic background for a garden wedding Queensland due to its Cactarium and lush landscaped gardens spread throughout the incredible 5 acres of the estate. 

The story of how Villa Botanica was founded is a truly romantic one. Owner Ralph Hogan and his wife Janet left their ad agency Oddfellows in Sydney to build their dream family home here in 1996:

Villa Botanica owner Ralph Hogan with wife Janet Hogan and their children“It was about 18 years ago when we fell in love with this small, ramshackle coastal strip of Airlie Beach, sandwiched between brilliant aquamarine water on one side and deep green mountains on the other. We found this land by tinny as there was no road access, and when we stepped ashore we knew this is where we wanted to live.”

The estate gradually developed until its owners had the idea of sharing it with other couples by turning it into an unforgettable boutique wedding venue. Villa Botanica offers:

  • Exotic landscaping including Madagascan triangle palms line on the driveway, cactus gardens, and a cactarium featuring rare species grown over the past 50 years by local lady Anne Camilleri;
  • An in-house wedding planning Qld expert that will keep in touch permanently with you throughout the wedding planning process and create a custom reception according to your requirements;
  • A unique mixture between turquoise Coral Sea views and Balinese inspired antique backdrops that complement the lush palm forest and the majestic mountains;
  • A beautiful palm lines and mosaic tiled walkway serving as the perfect backdrop to make your entrance before taking your vows;
  • The sea deck offering a spectacular display of tropical pinks and purples reflected across the Whitsunday Bay;
  • Complete privacy – Villa Botanica was not built with commercial wedding planning in mind; actually it is a private, exclusive retreat that hosts only one event a day, with the entire estate being yours to have your perfect garden wedding Queensland there and enjoy it to the maximum!

Is Villa Botanica on your short list for garden wedding Queensland? Don’t hesitate to contact us today on our website or by phone at 0749483025! We have planned hundreds of weddings and we are here to help. At Villa Botanica we put our heart and soul into every wedding, and together we can make your garden wedding reception one of a kind!

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