10 Unforgettable Garden Wedding Ideas In 2020

garden wedding ideas

While garden wedding queensland naturally have a slightly more relaxed feel, they can still be just as glamorous, creative and stylish as any indoor wedding. Garden ceremonies are perfectly suited to couples who have a great love for the outdoors and the styling opportunities for a garden wedding are endless. At Villa Botanica, many Australian couples come to us with garden wedding ideas, which are perfectly suited to our location. With us you don’t have to prepare a ceremony backdrop; the wedding pavilion at Villa Botanica is all that you need. Just dress it up with flowers to suit your theme or style and you are ready to say “I do”.

garden wedding queensland

While nature does a great job at decorating and requires little help to provide the perfect wedding background, there are many garden wedding ideas you can try to make your destination weddings  more fun:

1. Lawn games

Many people say all weddings are the same, buy we totally disagree. Your wedding can be unique if you organise it at a special location and allow yourself to be creative. If you like outdoor weddings we recommend lawn games, for guests to enjoy while you are having your photos done. Lawn games are not just for kids, grown-ups will enjoy them too because we all have a playful side. A few games to choose from include badminton, miniature golf, croquet, ring toss, and tetherball – it can actually be any game you used to play in your childhood.

2. Trees\plants incorporated into your wedding decor garden wedding venues queensland

You can have a magical vibe by bringing trees or lush plants inside your reception. Use potted trees or succulents for wedding decor – we’re pretty sure that most of your guests have never seen anything like this at a wedding!

3. Use flowers. Lots of them

One can never say they saw too many flowers at wedding especially outdoor ones, where flowers integrate perfectly. Consider adding flowers to your dessert, using them in your stationery such as wedding programs, including pressed flower table numbers, decorating chairs and furniture with leaves and garlands, wearing flowers in your hair, or floating edible flowers in cocktail glasses.

4. Outdoor Gelato Bar

The candy bar is a permanent presence at weddings and everybody loves it. However, the candy bar has become something too common and on hot summer days candy tends to become less appetising. Why not replace it with an outdoor gelato bar that will completely smitten your guests? You will be able to satisfy your sweet cravings while still providing something that looks like a candy bar but is actually more interesting. Add wooden elements and leafy branches for a more rustic, Italian feel, and invite your guests to cool down.

5. Focus on the entryway

The entryway to your reception area should be marked with a sign that says welcome; other ideas include decorating the entrance with flowers, using curtains elegantly pulled back by foliage, and accenting your entryway with candles or bistro lighting.

6. Fruity drinks cart

If you plan for a relaxed reception where your guests will feel comfortable enough to walk barefoot on the grass, try this unusual idea: parking a cart with fruity drinks. Adorned with flowers and foliage, this can become one of your garden’s centres of interests, both visually and functionally – who doesn’t like getting their own refreshments exactly when they need them? If you are really daring and your reception is informal, place a beer barrow for the most relaxed feel.

7. Pay attention to guest flow

Some outdoor receptions fail from entertaining guests and making them feel comfortable for a simple reason: overlooking guest flow. You may spend months putting into practice garden wedding ideas from Pinterest, but something will be amiss if you don’t arrange furniture and decorations in a way that enables guests to move freely, interact with each other, and enjoy privacy when needed. Hosting parties is almost a science of its own, but creating a good party area is not that hard if you like to observe people at social events and how they interact with each other. More specifically, you’ll need to have a mingle zone, an arrival and departure zone, a cocktail service zone, and a smoking area. If you want your reception to be animated, minimise opportunities for guests to sit (except for table seats), and remove items such as coffee tables and foot stools that are tripping hazards and uncomfortable to sit down..

8. Floral dresses for your bridesmaids

There are infinite possibilities for your bridesmaids’ dresses, but if you want something out of the ordinary try mismatched floral options. Each bridesmaid will pick her own dress with the cut and print that is more advantageous for her body type and the result will be a laid-back, botanical-inspired wedding.

9. Seed packets as guest gifts

Guest gifts can be anything, not necessarily candy or a mass-produced souvenirs. One of the newest garden wedding ideas is sending guests home with their very own seed packets. The wildflower seeds will take the garden vibe further away, long after your wedding is over.

10. Produce-filled basket and decorations

Some couples find garden wedding ideas too whimsical because of the flower decorations. If you like a more rustic look, use garden-inspired centrepieces, filled with fresh produce. The most common fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and turnips can create a vibrant look for your garden wedding. If you want to avoid the typical farm look it is best to avoid pumpkins.

Most of australian couples are open to garden wedding ideas but don’t have the courage to choose this type of wedding reception for multiple reasons. They feel like preparing so many floral decorations is lots of work, they are worried about bad weather ruining their plans, and they don’t like the idea of bugs pestering their guests. All these drawbacks should not prevent you from enjoying an outdoor wedding. You can opt for a garden wedding venues Queensland at Villa Botanica. Advantages compared to a typical garden wedding is having to do fewer preparations, benefitting from the services of an in-house wedding planner and skilled staff, not bothering neighbours with your celebration, having a ballroom available, and not sharing the location with another couple. The 5 acre gorgeous estate will be exclusively at your disposal for the big day and we will assist with every aspect of wedding planning, from invitations to implementing any of the wonderful garden wedding ideas you have found!

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