Fabianne + Michael

Destination Wedding Venue Queensland

Michael and I met at a business meeting organised by the Swiss Business Council for Swiss nationals (like men working in Dubai and for people working for a Swiss company (as Michael did at the time).

This is our second marriage and as my daughter is living in Sydney and 2 of Michael’s sons live one in Perth and the other in Auckland, getting married in Australia was the best solution. We had been on a camper holiday in 2018 passing by Airlie Beach and we knew the area. When I found out that Villa Botanica a Destination Wedding Venue Queensland, could organise our wedding “remotely” that was just perfect and so easy for us.

Destination Wedding Venue Queensland
Destination Wedding Venue Queensland

Our most unforgettable part of our wedding experience was the intimacy of the ceremony. There were just 7 of us and we had such a nice time sharing our happy day with the staff of Villa Botanica too. The whole team was so nice. The ceremony was beautiful and the shooting on the beach was great. Everything was so perfectly organised. We wanted a close family wedding with just our kids and we all loved it.

What Was Your Favourite Location Within Villa Botanica’s Private Estate?  

The alley to the Pavilion, the Pavilion, the garden, so many nice areas, all are great. The vegetation is just stunning.

Destination Wedding Venue Queensland
Destination Wedding Venue Queensland

What Was The Theme Of Your Wedding?

 No theme. It was just the start of a new family (not all our kids knew each other before the wedding). They had such a great time together.

Again we would like to thank all of you for making our big day so memorable.

Photographer: Brooke Miles Photography

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