Destination Wedding Venue Australia

I met Kurt when he enquired about a new Toyota Hilux through my workplace. I work at the local Toyota dealership selling cars. One morning an email enquiry came through and just like any normal enquiry, we ring them and chat to them about a new vehicle. I rang Kurt and we spoke about the new car he was wanting. One thing led to another and before you know it we were on our first date, we got to know each other over the coming weeks and just didn’t stop seeing each other. It was meant to be.

Why Did You Choose Villa Botanica?

We were looking at getting married in Airlie Beach at a Destination Wedding Venue Australia because we love the place, its so chilled and also just so beautiful. I had lined up a few different places to see while we were up in Airlie on a holiday. Villa Botanica was the first place we went to and to be honest, I hadn’t done too much research on the place and I’m so glad I didn’t. Villa absolutely blow us away, from arriving with the palm tree lined driveway to the most spectacular view for the ceremony, all the amazing tropical plants, the private beach and the gorgeous sea deck. The rundown of the place was done seamlessly and it all flowed perfectly, to the point were I began imagining our wedding day here. The wedding planner was a massive bonus as we were from Central QLD and wouldn’t be able to travel to organise everything, plus Myself and Kurt work a lot and this was going to be a big help. After a few questions were answered, we got in the car to leave and I just burst into tears and said to Kurt, this is it! He agreed and within the week we had book our wedding date.

Destination Wedding Venue Australia

What Was The Most Unforgettable Part Of Your Wedding Experience?

ย OMG were do I start! Tanya our wedding planner was absolutely amazing and we could not of done it without her. She helped with everything, any little question I had, she answered straight away. I felt like I was been a pain because I have OCD with planning things but she was great and said it was good that I was organised. She organised all our celebrant, Photographer, Cake, Flowers, Videographer, Decorators etc etc. The venue was stunning and the comments we received after our wedding were so special to us. People were saying it was the best wedding they had been too. This was all down to the awesome staff at Villa. They cannot do enough to help you, anything you need they are there. The food was to die for, the music was great and the drinks flowed perfectly. If I could do it all over again, I would do it in a heart beat. Villa is voted top 5 for the best wedding venue, I would say it was by far number 1 to us. Everything was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing, maybe slowed down time so it lasted longer. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Destination Wedding Venue Australia
Destination Wedding Venue Australia

What Was Your Favourite Location Within Villa Botanica’s Private Estate?

All the locations at Villa are spectacular, the grounds are kept immaculate. We are beach people so we loved the private beach, we went down alone and enjoyed 20mins to ourselves with a private picnic. The rain forest was beautiful and green with huge plants and trees. The rocks were another favorite, we did this last and the lighting is gorgeous in our pictures. The cactarium is amazing and so different, our guests loved this and its something they always remember.ย 

What Was The Theme Of Your Wedding?

Our theme was relaxed beach vibes meets tropical. We loved the beach and the views of the beautiful blue ocean at Airlie, Kurt has a green thumb so he loved the green plants and waterfalls. My bouquet was a mixture of White English Roses and Australian Eucalyptus, mixed with some Sea Holly. This represents our relationship as I am from England originally and Kurt is Australian. The Sea Holly represents the distance in between.ย 

I would recommend Villa Botanica to anyone, they can personalise the wedding package to suit you and will do anything for you. Nothing is ever too much to ask.ย The staff at Villa and all the suppliers that work with them, work perfectly together, like they have been doing it for years. They treat you like a queen and go above and beyond.ย 

Like I said before, if we could do it all again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Photography by Summer Rain Photography

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