Airlie Beach Wedding: Helpful Tips for Brides and Grooms

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Are you planning an Airlie Beach wedding? Weddings on the beach have become increasingly popular in the past few years and are even more sought-after starting with 2020 due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. There are lots of Whitsunday wedding packages allowing you to celebrate your nuptials outdoors and following social distancing recommendations, without compromising on the number of guests. However, the challenges of destination wedding planning remain in the same. This is why our wedding planning experts have gathered the most valuable beach theme wedding tips to ensure the perfect wedding day for you and your other half:

11 Helpful Tips To Enjoy Your Airlie Beach Wedding

Avoid procrastination

Delaying decisions regarding your Airlie Beach wedding is one of the most harmful mistakes. When you make decisions early in your planning process you get the best vendors and you can stick within your budget without giving up on your dreams. You will also have more time to relax in the weeks preceding the wedding and not feel overworked on your wedding day.

Set your budget

Avoid spending anything before setting a realistic budget. More than that, you need to consider every detail in your destination wedding planning as the little extras like gifts or dress alterations can add up and throw you seriously out of budget before you even realise it.

Choose the venue carefully

The type of venue you choose will influence almost every aspect of your wedding, such as the number of guests, the date, choosing between various Whitsunday wedding packages, and transportation. Airlie Beach features a large number of wedding venues that you will need to contact well in advance, because some of them are already fully booked for 2021, with 2022 filling up fast!

Choosing the right time of the year

Living in Australia and planning for wedding reception Airlie Beach is an excellent situation to be in because this destination will allow you to get married at any time of the year, including winter. Prices can be lower in wintertime and this period is also suitable for those who prefer to avoid crowds and are neither too keen on the tropical summer heat. 

Save money on decor by opting for weddings on the beach

One of the best things about having an Airlie Beach wedding is requiring less decoration for the event. Airlie Beach is one of the most beautiful spots in Australia and is known for its access to the Great Barrier Reef, secluded beaches, tropical forests, and mangroves. Wedding venues generally make use of the natural beauty of the Whitsunday Islands and opt for simplistic décor to compliment the environment, which will also make your wedding easier to plan.

Consider the kids policy in time

There are generally three options regarding your wedding’s ‘kids policy’; having an adults only wedding, welcoming kids with open arms, and hiring a child care service to provide day care at the reception space or in a nearby hotel room. No matter what you decide on, make sure you apply the same kids rules to all families and not exclude anyone, so as to avoid conflict.

Invest in a professional photographer

Your wedding only lasts one day, but the memories last a lifetime. Photography and videography consideration are often taken lightly, but the skills and flair of the person behind the camera actually play a vital role in the quality of your wedding photos. Ask candidates to show you their past work before closing the deal and you will thank yourself every time you look at your wedding album.

Do not check your dress

A piece of valuable destination wedding advice is to always carry your dress on board the plane, even it means you will have to fold it. At a popular wedding destination such as Airlie Beach you will always find someone who can press and steam it.

Adapt your wedding to current restrictions

Covid-related restrictions will prevent your guests from closely interacting with each other; for instance you cannot have dance floors. Industries which have been badly affected by the ban on social dancing have already crafted some solutions to keep things going, such as splitting participants at an event into small groups and preventing groups from interacting with each other. Current advice from Australian government includes:

  • Having solo singers instead of group singing, which is higher risk; and avoiding wind instruments;
  • Choosing a venue that has a dancefloor area with enough space between guests or having guests dance near their assigned table. Rituals such as throwing the bouquet will have to be avoided or modified.

Have realistic expectations

Before hiring a planner and expecting them to make it all perfect, take some time to do some research about what you are hoping to accomplish with your wedding. It’s easy to list off a host of wants and wishes for your destination wedding but make sure that those plans are reachable within your time frame or budget, so as to avoid disappointment. Leave your relative’s opinions aside and discuss your values with your partner to decide what the most important expectations of the big day are. Some couples may be extremely adamant about the decor, and this is the reason why they are interested in beach theme wedding ideas; others care a lot about the quality of food and will only opt for local, organic food; while other couples just care about having fun and creating a vibrant party atmosphere.

Don’t forget about the most important thing

The number one point is not to forget the fact that you are marrying the love of your life. Beach theme wedding planning can be difficult, especially when you live far away from the destination, and you can get too caught up with it and miss the most important thing: you and your loved one are getting married and it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your lives! So, each time you get too passionate about your destination wedding planning and your opinions conflict, re-focus on you as a couple and don’t let planning become too stressful.

Let Villa Botanica and their wonderfully experienced wedding planners take away the stress from your destination wedding planning. Your wedding reception Airlie Beach will meet and even exceed your expectations at the beautiful Villa Botanica. A fabulous venue known for its tropical gardens, breathtaking views, a palm-lined mosaic-tiled walkway, a cactarium, a hand-carved timber pavilion, its veranda overlooking the ocean, and the marble ballroom ready to host your lavish wedding reception. With more than ample room, you can spend your entire wedding day outdoors without having to worry about social distancing, and you will enjoy one of those unique weddings on the beach that everyone remembers forever.

Why Villa Botanica?

Villa Botanica is one of the top boutique wedding venue choices among couples planning an Airlie Beach wedding for the following reasons:

  • In-house professional wedding planning provided – destination wedding planning has never been easier. You will be assigned a dedicated wedding planner from the beginning and you will discuss details regularly so your wedding planning is completely stress-free for you and your partner;
  • Access to trusted local vendors – Villa Botanica will recommend you its trusted vendors they have been collaborating with for a long time so everything comes out smoothly and according to the plan;
  • Having your own private paradise – 5 acres of breathtaking Airlie Beach landscaped terrain is yours to enjoy exclusively for the day;
  • Incredible scenery – everyone who has visited Villa Botanica comments that pictures don’t do justice to this mesmerising venue. A combination of pristine nature and Balinese-inspired architecture, along with hand-carved details gives and views that seem out of this world.

So, the final tip for brides and grooms planning an Airlie Beach wedding is choosing the right venue, such as Villa Botanica. They provide multiple Whitsunday wedding packages to choose from and will discuss your requirements in the most effective and straightforward manner so we are able to craft the perfect wedding for you and your future spouse. Contact us today for a quick chat and we’ll show you how Villa Botanica is the dream wedding venue you’ve been looking for!

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