How To Plan Your Wedding in Queensland Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak

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The Covid-19 outbreak has forced billions of people to change their lives and to alter their plans. It has made it impossible to enjoy things we used to take for granted, such as travel, going out for a walk on a crowded beach, or celebrating personal events with a large number of guests.

One of the most affected categories is perhaps that of couples who were preparing to get married in 2020 or early 2021. With current restrictions, it is impossible to organise a wedding reception which involves dancing and socialising, so many brides and grooms-to-be have postponed their weddings to a later date, when hopefully the Covid-19 crisis will have ended.

However, if you want to stick with your original plans and announce you want to get married as scheduled, you will still have to make some alterations and communicate to your vendors and service providers.Our wedding planner Queensland has outlined 5 ways you can still get married in 2020 and not have your fun completely spoiled  :

  1. Hold an intimate wedding ceremony

What you can do, though, is keep your attention on the three-step plan to relax restrictions and reopen Australia. Starting from the June 13 in Queensland if all goes according to the plan, non-work gatherings of up to 20 people will be allowed, while non-work gatherings of up to 100 people will be allowed for the third step of the plan, which will only become clearer as we move through the first two steps and on condition everything goes well.  garden wedding venues queensland

This means for Queensland residents from the 10th of July the third stage will hopefully be implemented if everything goes to plan and case numbers are low. Summer 2020-2021 could be a feasible period to organise your nuptials, but most likely you won’t be allowed to have more than 100 people at your wedding and each guest should have a surface of 4 square metres to be able to follow social distancing regulations.

  1. Reconsider your travel plans

If you have been talking about a destination wedding with your wedding planner Queensland, chances are you will need to make some changes to your plan. Interstate travel will not resume very soon and each territory will decide on the date when they will start receiving tourists again, so nothing is certain at this stage. Instead of an overseas wedding look within Australia or even in your own state.

The good news is you don’t need to be disappointed as our beautiful country provides plenty of wonderful travel destinations right within the borders of Queensland. The Whitsunday Islands are a very popular travel destination and will definitely be the option of many Australians as you can get there without leaving the state. In less than a couple of hours you can reach your exotic paradise to relax, admire the most breathtaking scenery, and why not, get married at luxurious venues like Villa Botanica. This 5-acre estate with plenty of outdoor space and a large ballroom is the perfect option during this period when you are not allowed to keep you guests in small crowded places. More than that, Villa Botanica is perfect at any time, as you and people attending your wedding will be able to enjoy all the personal space and privacy you need. Also, we only organise one wedding at a time, making your big day truly unique.

  1. Order your dress sooner rather than later

The dress is the epitome of your wedding and the style of your gown should match the overall style of the ceremony and reception. The dress also needs to take into account the climate and time of the year you will be getting married, even if temperature variations are not very significant in Queensland.

An important think to keep in mind though is choosing your dress in time. If you have been shopping for clothes lately you may have noticed that the diversity and availability of items has lowered for some brands, due to supply chain problems caused by the Covid-19 crisis. So, your wedding planner Queensland may also advise you to purchase your dress way before the wedding and not leave this part of wedding planning for the last mile – not hard to do, as all future brides love shopping for the dress.

  1. Discuss rescheduling policies with your vendors

Rescheduling may generally determine vendors to impose some penalties to customers, but in these times, businesses providing wedding-related services will most probably be more understanding of their clients. Your vendors can’t afford losing their customers at a time when many people are cancelling their wedding for an indefinite amount of time, so they will be open to your requirements caused by this unexpected disruption of plans.

Since we do not know precisely how long quarantine recommendations will last, you should ask your vendors about their terms for rescheduling for another date. If you want to continue planning your wedding during quarantine, you will need creative ways to adapt to the current situation so you can still plan for the wedding of your dreams. Make plans that are flexible since we do not know the course the virus will take.

  1. Shop for your wedding online

Online shopping is becoming increasingly necessary and popular nowadays as the Covid-19 outbreak has closed many stores that are not essential. Purchasing items online provides access to merchandise that is now unavailable in closed brick-and-mortar stores but also allows you to stay safe at home. Some people are worried about the risk of contamination through packages, but most experts claim that the chance of the virus surviving in packages is slim to none. However, keep in mind that delivery is slower this time period and make sure you place your order early – many online stores have announced updated, longer delivery times and you should look for this information on their websites.

The Covid-19 crisis may feel like a huge obstacle in the way of couples wanting to get married, but it does not necessarily mean you should put an end to your plans. Ask your wedding planner Queensland about alternate wedding solutions such as small, intimate ceremonies. Remember that when this crisis is over, you will have again all the opportunities to celebrate in a large group, without refraining from giving a hug to your bridesmaid or your in-laws. The decision of planning your wedding in Queensland amidst the Covid-19 outbreak or later is only yours, depending on your flexibility and tolerance towards the idea of a small wedding.

A strong alternate option remains the destination wedding solution without leaving Queensland, which will enable you both to enjoy the fabulous wedding you have been dreaming of and provide plenty of space to your guests to keep them safe. Contact the wedding experts at Villa Botanica for advice on how to organise a destination wedding whitsundays hassle-free and following the latest health expert recommendations.

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