5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Same Sex Wedding

5 Ways To Plan The Perfect LGBTQ Wedding for a Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Planning a same sex wedding can often be more difficult and tricky to navigate. They are still a relatively new occurrence therefore decision-making and planning can require greater effort and research. However, there is a huge advantage of same-sex ceremonies: you can incorporate a lot more creative flair and easily say goodbye to boring traditions and ditch the dated, old-fashioned wedding conventions. Redesign those traditional roles that society has grown and evolved away from, and celebrate societal advancement in a big way with a fabulously stand-out wedding. In this article we’ll discover how to plan an unforgettable same sex marriage ceremony and reception, and what are the main aspects you should keep in mind when tying the knot as a LGBTQ couple:

How To Plan The Perfect LGBTQ Wedding

1. Think about traditional roles, do you want to adapt to them or ditch them?

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There are many questions that pop out when people are invited to a same sex wedding ceremony, such as “Who will walk down the aisle first?” or “Will there be a best man?” One thing is for sure – not all traditions can be incorporated into this type of wedding, which, if we are honest, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  On the other hand, you can still incorporate some of the elements of heterosexual weddings to structure your day as long as you adapt them to feel right for you.

Before structuring and planning your wedding, you need to be informed on how same sex marriage is perceived in Australia and related legislation. Same sex marriage has been legal in Australia since 9 December 2017 and legislation allows this type of marriage under the Marriage Amendment Act 2017. This means that you should not have any problem getting legally married, but when it comes to the religious ceremony, things can be more complicated. Many religious organisations in Australia do not perform same-sex marriages in their places of worship, but you can have a celebrant-led marriage, a service offered by many exquisite wedding venues such as Villa Botanica.

2. Announce your big day in a special way

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Same sex wedding ceremonies are still a novelty for a lot of people, so the way you share the news with them can have a major impact on their attitude. Let them know that this wedding will be something different than what they are used to, that you will forego some of the most common wedding traditions, and that you are happy to have at your wedding guests supporting your right to marry.  

The first step of your same sex wedding planning should be inviting the right guests to your wedding in the most practical manner. We recommend ditching the traditional invites and using a wedding website instead as this will allow you to inform guests on what to expect from the upcoming event. Having a wedding website whether you are a heterosexual or a LGBTQ couple comes with benefits such as:

– It helps with the overwhelming process of planning a wedding;

– It allows you to send out your save-the-dates and invitations digitally, while also tracking your RSVP’s online to confirm your guest numbers;

– It gives you access to important information from your guests such as dietary requirements;

– Wedding websites set the tone for the day and give guests some insight into your relationship;

– They allow you to communicate last-minute changes to your guests without having to contact each person individually;

– Can be cheaper than sending traditional paper invites especially when you have a large number of guests.

3. Make it a destination wedding

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Same-sex marriage has been a long time coming so you’re going to want to make it a proper celebration. If your dream is to tie the knot at a destination wedding venue then do it! Actually, a destination wedding at a holiday locale such as a Whitsunday wedding venue can often be easier and cheaper to plan than a traditional wedding at a local venue. At the same time, you will have a truly unique wedding and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Australia’s best scenery, such as that of an Airlie beach wedding.

There are countless destination wedding venues that support marriage equality, venues such as Villa Botanica, Whitsunday’s most luxurious and gorgeous wedding boutique. The Airlie Beach venue has planned and coordinated hundreds of weddings as well as same-sex commitment ceremonies, long before marriage equality became law and we know how to create your personalised and perfect same sex wedding ceremony. Securing a suitable destination wedding venue with expert planners will also solve the issue of finding a good celebrant, as the best venues can advise on local celebrants who are highly recommended.

4. Carefully pick your guest list

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In spite of the adoption of same sex marriage legality in Australia and other states worldwide, you may still deal with homophobia. Even if you take care to invite only those friends and relatives that support your right to marry, you may still have a bumpy road. In some cases, parents may not want to attend the wedding as some same sex couples are estranged from families with traditional views. 

Nothing ruins a wedding day more than unwelcome drama from family and friends, remember this is your day and nothing should get in the way of this momentous and happy occasion. To create a day to cherish forever make sure you are surrounded by those who truly love and support you as a couple.

5. Be yourself!

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This is a piece of advice we offer to all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation. Make your wedding yours and don’t let other people opinions dictate your big day. Think about who you are as a couple, what you value and how can you communicate that through your wedding day. This will reflect into various aspects of your same sex wedding planning, such as the religious ceremony, buying wedding rings, planning bachelor and bachelorette parties, de-gendering the wedding party, choosing your wedding attire, and choosing LGBTQ-friendly vendors. Most important than all, keep in mind this is your wedding, where you celebrate the love you share with your partner. Focus on spending the day with friends and family who support you and put your personalities into the choices for décor, games, and fashion. Think of the planning process as an amazing journey and choose an experienced wedding planning expert who knows how to help you craft the perfect wedding to reflect you and your partner as a couple.

Villa Botanica is LGBTQ-friendly and experienced with planning same sex marriages. We provide a non-denominational wedding pavilion, access to local vendors, and full support from in-house wedding planners who are detail-focused and ready to make your dreams a reality. If you are ready to make it official and plan the wedding of your dreams with your soul mate, the team at Villa Botanica are 100% committed to taking the stress out of your big day and designing a day you will cherish forever.

The best weddings always start the same way – with a conversation. Your wedding is a personal reflection of you as a couple; no two weddings are the same! Contact us now and let’s start planning your perfect wedding!

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