2021 Wedding Decoration Trends

2021 wedding decorations trends

New Year, new wedding style and decorative trends: check out the latest and greatest wedding decor trends 2021!

Are you planning for an unforgettable wedding in 2021? Say hello to metallic décor, unique arches, stunning foliage and florals, minimalist furniture and modern lighting ideas your guests will love!

After the countless unprecedented challenges that the wedding industry has faced in 2020, now it’s time to look at the future with hope.  Going forward we are looking towards rocking the most impressive, stand-out decors to give your day extra sparkle and leave your guests in awe. As we head into 2021, wedding trends, guest counts and layouts will still be influenced by the pandemic, with many couples still opting for more intimate and exclusive soirees.  Trends and styles have also changed so a 2021 wedding will also be different in terms of style and aesthetics.

Check the following wedding decor trends 2021 and start planning your nuptials with an updated creative flair:


2021 wedding table decoration


Acrylics will continue to represent a major wedding décor trend in 2021. Everybody likes the aspect of this simple, translucent material and its versatility, as it can be used in invitations, weddings signs, chairs, place cards, and wedding cake stands.

Arches and Arbours

fairy light wedding decorations


Wedding pictures look better when using a beautiful and fitting frame; this is exactly the role that wedding arches and arbours serve. They enable couples to create unique backdrops for their wedding, no matter what the location of the ceremony is and what wedding themes 2021 they opt for. The most popular options this year will include:

  • Metallic wedding arches for elegance and a minimalist look;
  • Birch arches, either dressed with drapery and flowers or undressed for a simple woodland wedding look;
  • Hexagonal wooden arches for a boho look with contemporary notes. This idea is moving into the mainstream due to its modern look;
  • Tree arches – why build an arch from scratch when you could use what you already have? Find the oldest and most magnificent tree at your destination wedding venue and decorate it with greenery, fabrics, and ropes, anything you like really, for the perfect backdrop for saying your “I dos”.


wedding decor 2021


Balloons are a good idea anytime as they are both festive and fun. They can be adapted no matter what the wedding decor trends 2021 will be and can transform your reception into a wonderland of unexpected textures and shapes. There are countless ways of incorporating balloons into your wedding day, such as:

  • Creating a rainbow installation right above the reception table – everybody will talk about it!
  • Balloon garlands – you can combine balloons with foliage for a more elegant look;
  • Balloon wall backdrop – stick to a single palette, such as pale pink, but mix balloon sizes – you will impress guests without overwhelming them!
  • Use balloons to make a memorable exit by attaching a train of balloons to the back of your vehicle;
  • Oversized balloons but scarcer – this backdrop idea will create a chich and modern air for your ceremony. White suits this idea best, and the balloons should float at different heights;
  • Installing a balloon chandelier over the dance floor – spotting a gigantic balloon chandelier above the dancefloor is still unusual and your guests will definitely be more likely to start showing their moves earlier in the evening. For a more artsy look, select a variety of balloon shapes and colours and the overall effect will be astounding.


wedding themes 2021


It is impossible to imagine a wedding without flowers. Thanks to people indulging in new hobbies during lockdown the range of florals and designs has grown exponentially. A rise of amateur florists has resulted in countless floral arrangement options and designs that can be admired and on social media, giving inspiration in a new era of wedding décor.

The latest trend in wedding floral arrangements is using dried flowers to create head-turning displays. Dried flowers were previously a big no-no, but their new popularity may be explained by the fact that florists were not able to sell their merchandise in 2020 and had to capitalise on it somehow. Dried flowers are appreciated because they can be reused, thus reducing their environmental impact. Their light weight makes them suitable for hanging floral arrangements – creating a dreamy boho look.

As for fresh flowers, 2021 will see beautiful arrangements which include fully opened roses in soft pastel colours. 


greenery wedding decorations


After a year spent mostly at home, people are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors more. Including greenery in your event is one of the most expected wedding décor 2021 trends, with luscious greenery being used unsparingly. The most sophisticated wedding adornments will display masses of leaves and greenery, tables dressed with cascades of foliage, and green ceremony arches.

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2021 wedding decorations


As the sun goes down it’s time to light it up and capitalise on stunning decorative and creative lighting. Wedding planning Qld experts are currently suggesting the following lighting ideas:

  • Light up letters – they can be your initials or words that describe you as a couple;
  • Fairy lights – these twinkling lights aren’t just for Christmas; simple and elegant they can be adapted to light up your ceremony décor and create a magical, starry-night atmosphere;
  • Bistro lighting – looking for something slightly different from fairy lights but equally charming? The popularity of bistro string lighting is currently on the rise for outdoor and patio receptions.
  • Pathway lights – guide your guests through your venue from ceremony to reception; they can be Edison lights or lighted candles in hurricane holders;
  • Chandeliers – these sophisticated pieces can become the focal points of your wedding décor – perfect for illuminating your evening cocktails and reception.


palette wedding decor


Opinions are divided when it comes to palettes on offer from wedding décor trends 2021. Some experts claim that bold palettes will be the next big thing, with options such as light blue and green. On the other hand, we have wedding planners who swear on the popularity of pastel colours such as dusty rose, shades of grey, sage green, light beige, and champagne. Your palette choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences, the style of your wedding venue, and the season when you are getting married. Either way, don’t be afraid to incorporate colour into your wedding décor and to reflect your personality in your décor choices!

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